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81:1  When the sun is overthrown (or folded up)
81:2  And when the stars darken
81:3  And when the mountains pass away
81:4  And when the she-camels (with young) are left untended
81:5  And when the wild beasts are herded togethe
81:6  And when the seas swell and boil
81:7  And when souls are sorted and reunited
81:8  And when the female infant buried alive is aske
81:9  For what sin she was killed
81:10  And when the Record Books are spread open
81:11  And when the heavens are unveiled
81:12  And when Hell is kindled up
81:13  And when the Garden is brought nigh
81:14  Every soul shall then know what it has prepared
81:15  But nay! I swear by (or call to witness) the Planets
81:16  That run their course and hide themselves
81:17  And the Night when it departs
81:18  And the Dawn when it breaths away the darkness
81:19  Most surely it is the Word of an honourable Messenger
81:20  The possessor of power and high rank with the Lord of the Throne
81:21  One to be obeyed, and faithful to his trust
81:22  And your companion is not one possessed (or mad)
81:23  And of a truth he saw himself on the clear horizon
81:24  Nor is he a tenacious concealer of the unseen
81:25  Nor is it the word of the cursed Satan
81:26  Whither then will you go
81:27  It is naught but a reminder unto all creation (or all the worlds)
81:28  For him among you who wills to go straight
81:29  And you will not, unless Allah wills, the Lord (or Cherisher) of Creation (or all the Worlds)