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`Abasa (He Frowned)
as rendered by Hamid S. Aziz
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Hamid S. Aziz rendition of Surah He Frowned(`Abasa)
80:1 He frowned and turned his back,
80:2 Because there came to him the blind man.
80:3 And what would make you know that he would grow (spiritually)
80:4 Or that he might become heedful so that the reminder should profit him?
80:5 As for him who considers himself independent (or self-sufficient),
80:6 To him do you attend.
80:7 Yet no blame is on you if he grow not (spiritually).
80:8 And as to him who comes to you striving earnestly,
80:9 And with the fear of Allah in his heart,
80:10 From him were you unmindful (or distracted).
80:11 Nay! Verily, it is an admonishment (or a message of instructions).
80:12 So let whoever will pay heed to it.
80:13 It is in honoured books,
80:14 Exalted, purified,
80:15 Set down by scribes
80:16 Noble and righteous.
80:17 Cursed (self-destroyed) is man! How ungrateful (to Allah) is he!
80:18 Of what stuff did He create him?
80:19 Of a small seed; He created him, then gave him due proportions,
80:20 Then He made his way easy for him,
80:21 Then He causes him to die and buries him in his grave,
80:22 Then when He wills, He will raise him to life again.
80:23 Nay; but man has not done that which He bade him.
80:24 Then let man consider his food,
80:25 That We pour down the water in abundance,
80:26 Then We cleave the earth,
80:27 Then We cause to grow therein the grain,
80:28 And grapes and clover,
80:29 And the olive and the palm,
80:30 And dense luxurious gardens,
80:31 And fruits and herbage
80:32 A provision for you and for your cattle.
80:33 But when the Deafening Noise (cataclysm) comes,
80:34 The Day on which a man shall fly from his brother,
80:35 And his mother and his father,
80:36 And his spouse and his children,
80:37 Every man of them shall on that Day be occupied with concerns which will make him heedless of others.
80:38 Many faces on that Day shall be bright as dawn (or beaming with light),
80:39 Laughing, rejoicing.
80:40 And many faces on that Day, shall be covered with dust,
80:41 Veiled in darkness.
80:42 These are the disbelievers, the wicked.


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