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8:1  They ask you about the booty. Say: the booty is for Allah and the messenger, so beware of Allah and make peace between yourselves and obey Allah and His messenger if you are believers.
8:2  The believers are those who if Allah is mentioned their hearts become fearful and if His signs are recited to them they increase them in faith and they rely on their Lord.
8:3  Those who keep up prayer and spend from what We have provided for them.
8:4  Those are the true believers. For them are stages with their Lord and forgiveness and generous provision.
8:5  Just as your Lord sent you out from your home with the truth even if a section of the believers resent it.
8:6  They argue with you about the truth after it has been made clear as if they were driven towards death in plain sight.
8:7  And when Allah promised you that one of the two parties would be yours and you wished that the one with less sting would be yours and Allah willed to verify the truth with His words and cut off the future of those who reject (the truth).
8:8  So that He would verify the truth and nullify falsehood even if the sinners resent it.
8:9  (90 When you asked your Lord for success and He responded to you that I will help you with a thousand angels in succession.
8:10  And Allah only gave this as good news and to contend your hearts with it, and victory is only from Allah the mighty and wise.
8:11  When He covered you with a calming safety from Him and sent down to you from the sky water to purify you with and to remove from you the affliction of the devil and to fortify your hearts and make your foothold firm.
8:12  When your Lord revealed to the angels that I am with you, so make firm those who believe; I will throw fear into the hearts of those who reject (the truth), so strike them on the necks and strike every limb of them.
8:13  This is because they break away from Allah and His messenger, and whoever breaks away from Allah and His messenger, then Allah is severe in punishment.
8:14  This is for you, so taste it as for those who reject (the truth) is the punishment of the fire.
8:15  Oh you believers, when you meet those who reject (the truth) in battle, then do not turn your backs on them.
8:16  And whoever turns his back that day, except to reposition for fighting or to join a detachment, he has already brought upon himself the anger of Allah and his abode is hell, a bad destination.
8:17  For you did not kill them, but Allah killed them, and you did not throw when you threw, but Allah threw in order for the believers to be tested by Him in a beautiful manner, for Allah listens and knows.
8:18  So it was, and Allah always weakens the plot of those who reject (the truth).
8:19  If you seek victory, victory has already overcome you, and if you stop it is better for you, and if you return, We return and your numbers, however great, will not benefit you, and Allah is with the believers.
8:20  Oh you believers, obey Allah and His messenger and do not turn away from him whilst you listen.
8:21  And do not be like those who say we listen, yet they do not listen.
8:22  For the worst creatures before Allah are the deaf and dumb, those who do not understand.
8:23  And if Allah knew any good in them, He would have made them hearing, and if He had made them hearing they would turn away in opposition.
8:24  Oh you believers, respond to Allah and the messenger when he calls you to what revives you, and know that Allah comes between a man and his heart and that you will be gathered to Him.
8:25  And beware of a corruption which will not only afflict those who do wrong amongst you, and know that Allah is severe in punishment.
8:26  And remember when you were few and oppressed on earth, fearing that the people would seize you, then He gave you refuge and helped you with His victory and provided well for you so that you would be grateful.
8:27  Oh you believers, do not betray Allah and the messenger nor betray your trust knowingly.
8:28  And know that your wealth and children are a test and that with Allah is immense reward.
8:29  Oh you believers, if you beware of Allah, He will provide a break-through for you and cancel your bad deeds from you and forgive you, and Allah possesses immense generosity.
8:30  And when those who reject (the truth) plot against you to capture you, kill you or expel you - they plot and Allah plots, and Allah is the best of plotters.
8:31  And when Our signs are recited to them, they say we have heard; if we wanted we could say something similar for these are only stories of old.
8:32  And when they said: oh Allah, if this is the truth from You, then rain upon us stones from the sky or bring us a painful punishment.
8:33  And Allah was not going to punish them whilst you were amongst them, and Allah was not going to punish them whilst they were seeking forgiveness.
8:34  And why should Allah not punish them whilst they divert from the sacred mosque when they were not its protectors, for its protectors are only those who beware (of Allah), but most of them do not know.
8:35  And their prayer near the House was nothing but screaming and clapping, so taste the punishment on account of having rejected (the truth).
8:36  Those who reject (the truth) spend their wealth to divert from the way of Allah, then they will have spent it after which it will be a loss for them; after that they will be overpowered and those who reject (the truth) will be gathered to hell.
8:37  In order for Allah to separate the bad and the good and stack up the bad and pile it all up and place it in hell; those are the losers.
8:38  Say to those who reject (the truth), if they stop, they will be forgiven what went before, and if they return, then the example of old has already passed.
8:39  And fight them until there is no corruption and the religion is completely for Allah, but if they stop, then Allah sees what they do.
8:40  And if they turn away, then know that Allah is your protector, the best protector and the best helper.
8:41  And know that whatever booty you seize, a fifth of it is for Allah and the messenger and the relatives and the orphans and the poor and the traveller if you believe in Allah and what He has revealed to His servant on the day of separation, the day the two troops met, and Allah is able to do anything.
8:42  When you were on the nearer slope and they were on the more distant slope and the caravan was below you, and had you promised (to fight), you would have disagreed about the promise, but it happened so that Allah would decide a matter which had to be so that whoever was destroyed would be destroyed upon evidence and whoever lived would live upon evidence, and Allah listens and knows.
8:43  When Allah showed them to you in your sleep as few, and had He shown them to you as many, you would have weakened and disputed about the matter, but Allah gave reassurance, for He knows what is kept inside.
8:44  And when He showed them to you when you met as few in your eyes and made you look few in their eyes, so that Allah would decide a matter which had to be, and to Allah return all things.
8:45  Oh you believers, when you meet a detachment, be firm and remember Allah a lot in order to succeed.
8:46  And obey Allah and His messenger and do not dispute, so that you weaken and your spirit departs, and be patient, for Allah is with the patient.
8:47  And do not be like those who emerged from their houses proud and to be seen by people and divert from the way of Allah, and Allah surrounds what they do.
8:48  And when the devil made their deeds appeal to them and said to them, none of the people will overpower you today and I will stand by you, and when the two groups saw each other he turned on his heels and said: I am free of you, I see what you do not see, I fear Allah, and Allah is severe in punishment.
8:49  When the pretenders and those with a disease in their hearts said, their religion has deceived these, and whoever relies on Allah, Allah is mighty and wise.
8:50  And if you could see how the angels took away those who reject (the truth), striking their faces and backs and (saying): taste the punishment of burning.
8:51  This is for the deeds you have sent ahead and that Allah does not wrong (His) servants.
8:52  Like the practice of the family of Pharaoh and those before them, they rejected the signs of Allah, so Allah seized them on account of their sins. Allah is strong, severe in punishment.
8:53  This is because Allah never changes a blessing He has blessed a people with until they change what is in themselves, and because Allah listens and knows.
8:54  Like the practice of the family of Pharaoh and those before them, they denied the signs of their Lord, so He destroyed them on account of their sins and drowned the family of Pharaoh, and they were all wrongdoers.
8:55  For the worst creatures before Allah are the those who reject (the truth) so do not believe.
8:56  Those whom you took a promise from, then they break their promise each time, and they do not beware.
8:57  Then when you capture them in war, frighten with them those behind them so that they will remember.
8:58  And if you fear from a people treachery, then repudiate them in a fair manner, for Allah does not love the treacherous.
8:59  And those who reject (the truth) should not count on prevailing, they will not escape.
8:60  And prepare for them what you can in strength and well-arranged horses to frighten with it the enemy of Allah and your enemy as well as others besides them whom you do not know; Allah knows them. And whatever you spend in the way of Allah, it will be repaid to you and you will not be wronged.
8:61  And if they incline to peace, then incline to it and rely on Allah, for He listens and knows.
8:62  And if they want to cheat you, then Allah is sufficient for you, He is the One who aided you with His help and the believers.
8:63  And He attuned their hearts; if you spent all that is on earth you could not have attuned their hearts, but Allah attuned them, for He is mighty and wise.
8:64  Oh prophet, Allah is sufficient for you and those amongst the believers who follow you.
8:65  Oh prophet, encourage the believers to fight; if there are twenty steadfast amongst you, they will overpower two hundred, and if there are a hundred of you, they will overpower a thousand of those who reject (the truth), for they are a people who do not understand.
8:66  Now Allah has lightened things for you and knows that there is weakness in you, so if there are a hundred steadfast amongst you, they will overpower two hundred, and if there are a thousand, they will overpower two thousand with the permission of Allah, and Allah is with those who are steadfast.
8:67  It is not fit for the prophet to take captives until he has established himself in the land; you want the offering of the world and Allah wants the hereafter, and Allah is mighty and wise.
8:68  If there was not a previous decree from Allah, you would have met a severe punishment on account of what you took.
8:69  Then eat of what you have taken in booty as lawful and good and beware of Allah, for Allah is forgiving and merciful.
8:70  Oh prophet, say to the captives in your possession: if Allah knows any good in your hearts, He will give you better than what has been taken from you and forgive you, and Allah is forgiving and merciful.
8:71  And if they want to betray you, then they have already betrayed Allah before, then He took hold of them, and Allah is knowing and wise.
8:72  Those who believe and have emigrated and fought with their wealth and their lives in the way of Allah, and those who gave refuge and helped, those are mutual protectors of each other, and those who believe but have not emigrated, their protection is not your concern until they emigrate, and if they seek your help in the religion, then it is your duty to help except against a people with a treaty between you and them, and Allah sees what you do.
8:73  And those who reject (the truth), they are mutual protectors of each other, if you do not do this, there will be corruption and great mischief on earth.
8:74  And those who believe and have emigrated and fought in the way of Allah, and those who gave refuge and helped, those are the true believers, for them is forgiveness and generous provision.
8:75  And those who believed afterwards and emigrated and fought with you, those are from amongst you, and relatives are mutual protectors of each other in the book of Allah, for Allah knows everything.