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71:1  Indeed, We sent forth Noah (as Our Messenger) to his people, (informing him): "Warn your people (not to worship other than Allâh) before a painful doom overtakes them."
71:2  He said: "O’ my people, I am truly sent to you to deliver a severe warning:
71:3  Worship Allâh (in the way He wants you to worship Him), act piously towards Him and yield to what has been revealed to me.
71:4  He himself will deliver you from all the consequences of your iniquitous deeds and grant you a respite till an appointed time- (your death). Surely, when the term of Allâh- (His punishment)- comes, -if you do not live by Faith- it cannot be postponed, If only knew.
71:5  He said: "O’ my Lord, I have been inviting my people (to adhere to the Monotheistic Faith) night and day,
71:6  But my invitations to adhere to Faith have only made them turn further away from it!
71:7  And indeed whenever I call them to affirm their Faith in You so that You may forgive them, they thrust their fingers into their ears, cover themselves with their garments, persist in denial and display an arrogant attitude (toward Your authority) with excessive pride.
71:8  Then surely I called them (to adhere to Faith) openly,
71:9  Then surely I preached to them in public and in private.
71:10  “Ask your Lord for forgiveness, I said. “Verily He is Oft-Forgiving.
71:11  He will send down upon you, from the sky, an abundance of rain .
71:12  He will supply you with wealth and children, and give you gardens as well as rivers.
71:13  What is the matter with you that you do not show honor and reverence for Allâh
71:14  When He truly created you in successive stages?
71:15  Do you not see how Allâh created the seven heavens one above the other
71:16  And placed in them the moon for a light and the sun for a radiant lamp?
71:17  Behold! Allâh caused you to grow out of the earth like plants,
71:18  He will return you into it, then He will again bring you forth from it
71:19  Allâh spread out the earth as carpet for you
71:20  So that you may go along therein in its spacious pathways.’
71:21  Noah said: "My Lord, they have certainly refused to yield to what You have revealed to me and have instead yielded to the whims of one whose wealth and children have added to him nothing but perdition.”
71:22  (Their clan chiefs) have devised a mighty plot,
71:23  Urging (their followers): “Do not renounce your gods- especially Wadd, Suwâ, Yaghûth, Ya’ûq, and Nasr.”
71:24  (Their clan chiefs) have already deceived many into going away from the Truth. Noah supplicated: "My Lord, cause those who yield to their own whims to be greatly deceived.”
71:25  And so, because of their iniquitous deeds, they were drowned and admitted into the Fire. And they found none to help other than Allâh .
71:26  Noah said: "My Lord, leave not on earth any of those who are spiritually dead and blind.
71:27  Indeed if You spare any of them, they will certainly deceive Your servants into going away from the Truth and will beget only wicked and impious (children).
71:28  Forgive me, My Lord! Forgive my parents and whoever seeks refuge in my house as monotheistic believer, as well as the Monotheistic Believers of unfeigned Faith, men and women alike. Give nothing to those who who have voluntarily and consciously abandoned the Full Knowledge of the Truth in favour of their own whims but ruin over ruin.”