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72:1  Say: "It has been revealed to me that a group of the Jinn listened (attentively to the recitation of the Qurʾān). (When returning back to their fellow jinn), they said: “Most surely we have heard an extraordinary recitation:
72:2  The Qurʾān leads to righteousness. Since we have affirm our Faith in It, we shall never join in worship anyone or anything with our Lord.
72:3  Now, we come to believe that our Lord- Exalted is His Majesty- has not taken a wife or a son.
72:4  Surely the imprudent one (-Iblis-) among us used to utter blasphemous words against Allâh.
72:5  Surely we thought that mankind and Jinn would never venture to attribute falsehood to Allâh.
72:6  Most certainly some men used to seek refuge with certain individuals of the jinn so they made them bear their iniquities.
72:7  Verily, those who persistently refused to yield to the Truth among mankind thought as we thought that Allâh would never send any Messenger.
72:8  And we have tried to reach out to the heavens, but we found it filled with vigorous guards and meteors.
72:9  We used, indeed, to sit in some of its seats and try to listen. But whoever tries to listen will find a meteor lying in wait form him.
72:10  We certainly do not know whether evil awaits those who are on the earth, or whether their Lord intends to lead them to righteousness.
72:11  There are among us some that are righteous, and some of us are otherwise. We are denominations, following different ways.
72:12  Now we have come to know that we could never frustrate the power of Allâh on the earth, neither could we frustrate His power by flight.
72:13  After hearing the Qur'ānic Verses, we do believe in It. Whoever has Faith in his Lord should not fear deprivation or injustice.
72:14  And some of us have wholly submitted (to the authority of Allâh), and some of us have deviated from the path of Truth. So as for those who wholly submit themselves completely to Allâh, it is they who have sought rectitude.
72:15  But those who deviate from the path of truth are the firewood for Gehenna.”
72:16  If they-(the Pagan Arabs)-followed the right path, We would certainly give to them abundant water to drink,
72:17  So that We may tempt them with it. But if it happens that anyone turns away from celebrating the praise of his Lord and declaring His glory, He will cause him to be subjected to a severe chastisement.
72:18  Mosques are meant only for Allâh, so do not invoke anyone along with Allâh.
72:19  Yet when the Obedient Devotee of Allâh stood up supplicating and praying to Allâh, the Jinn crowded closely together around him.
72:20  Say: "Most assuredly I only pray to my Lord, associating none with Him in worship.”
72:21  Say: "Surely, It is not my power to do you any harm or to help you attain righteousness.”
72:22  Say: “No one can ever protect me against the (wrath of) Allâh, neither can I find, apart from Him, a place of refuge.
72:23  I can do no more than I deliver what I receive from Allâh and His Messages. Whoever refuses to comply (with the command of) Allâh and (with what He has revealed to) His Messenger, for him is the Fire of Gehenna- therein they shall dwell forever.
72:24  Only when they see what they have been threatened with, then they will know who is really weaker in power, and fewer in number.
72:25  Say: "I do not know whether that which you are promised is near, or whether my Lord will appoint for it a distant term.”
72:26  (Allâh) is the One who has full knowledge of the Unseen. He does not reveal His Knowledge of the Unseen to anyone,
72:27  Except a Messenger whom He chooses. Verily He places a guard to go before and after him
72:28  So that He may manifest what He knows that they had truly delivered the Messages of their Lord. He encompasses whatever the Messengers have and He keeps strict count of all things.”