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71:1  We sent Noah to his people: ‘Warn your people, before a painful punishment comes to them.’
71:2  And so he said, ‘My people, I am here to warn you plainly
71:3  Serve God, be mindful of Him and obey me
71:4  He will forgive you your sins and spare you until your appointed time––when God’s appointed time arrives it cannot be postponed. If only you understood!’
71:5  He said, ‘My Lord, I have called my people night and day
71:6  but the more I call them, the further they run away
71:7  every time I call them, so that You may forgive them, they thrust their fingers into their ears, cover their heads with their garments, persist in their rejection, and grow more insolent and arrogant
71:8  I have tried calling them openly
71:9  I have tried preaching to them in public and speaking to them in private
71:10  I said, “Ask forgiveness of your Lord: He is ever forgiving
71:11  He will send down abundant rain from the sky for you
71:12  He will give you wealth and sons; He will provide you with gardens and rivers
71:13  What is the matter with you? Why will you not fear God’s majesty
71:14  when He has created you stage by stage
71:15  Have you ever wondered how God created seven heavens, one above the other
71:16  placed the moon as a light in them and the sun as a lamp
71:17  how God made you spring forth from the earth like a plant
71:18  how He will return you into it and then bring you out again
71:19  and how He has spread the Earth out for yo
71:20  to walk along its spacious paths?” ’
71:21  Noah said, ‘My Lord, they have disobeyed me and followed those whose riches and children only increase their ruin
71:22  who have made a grand plan
71:23  saying, “Do not renounce your gods
71:24  Do not renounce Wadd, Suwa, Yaghuth, Yauq, or Nasr!” They have led many astray. Lord, bring nothing but destruction down on the evildoers!’
71:25  They were drowned and sent to Hell for their evildoings: they found no one to help them against God
71:26  And Noah said, ‘Lord, do not leave any of the disbelievers on the earth
71:27  if you leave them they will lead Your servants astray and beget only sinners and disbelievers
71:28  Lord, forgive me, my parents, and whoever enters my house as a believer. Forgive believing men and women but bring nothing but ruin down on the evildoers!’