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72:1  Say [Prophet], ‘It has been revealed to me that a group of jinn once listened in and said, “We have heard a wondrous Quran
72:2  that gives guidance to the right path, and we have come to believe it––We shall never set up partners with our Lord–&ndash
72:3  and that He––exalted be the glory of our Lord!––has neither spouse nor child
72:4  Outrageous things have been said about God by the foolish among us
72:5  although we had thought that no man or jinn would [dare to] tell a lie about Him
72:6  Men have sought refuge with the jinn in the past, but they only misguided them further
72:7  They thought, as you did, that God would never raise anyone from the dead
72:8  We tried to reach heaven, but discovered it to be full of stern guards and shooting stars–&ndash
72:9  we used to sit in places there, listening, but anyone trying to listen now will find a shooting star lying in wait for him–&ndash
72:10  [so now] we do not know whether those who live on earth are due for misfortune, or whether their Lord intends to guide them
72:11  Some of us are righteous and others less so: we follow different paths
72:12  We know we can never frustrate God on earth; we can never escape Him
72:13  When we heard the guidance we came to believe: whoever believes in his Lord need fear no loss nor injustice
72:14  Some of us submit to Him and others go the wrong way: those who submit to God have found wise guidance
72:15  but those who go wrong will be fuel for Hellfire.” ’
72:16  If they had taken to the right way, We would have given them abundant water to drink
72:17  a test for them––but anyone who turns away from his Lord’s Revelation will be sent by Him to spiralling torment
72:18  Places of worship are for God alone- so do not pray to anyone other than God
72:19  yet when God’s Servant stood up to pray to Him, they pressed in on him
72:20  Say, ‘I pray to my Lord alone; I set up no partner with Him.’
72:21  Say, ‘I have no control over any harm or good that may befall you.’
72:22  Say, ‘No one can protect me from God: I have no refuge except in Him
72:23  I only deliver [what I receive] from God- only His messages.’ Whoever disobeys God and His Messenger will have Hell’s Fire as his permanent home
72:24  when they are confronted by what they have been warned about, they will realize who has the weaker protector and the smaller number
72:25  Say, ‘I do not know whether what you have been warned about is near, or whether a distant time has been appointed for it by my Lord.’
72:26  He is the One who knows what is hidden
72:27  He does not disclose it except to a messenger of His choosing. He sends watchers to go in front and behin
72:28  to ensure that each of His messengers delivers his Lord’s message: He knows all about them, and He takes account of everything