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71:1  God sent Noah to his people in order to warn them of a punishment which awaits them, if they persist their wickedness
71:2  Noah said: “My people, God has sent me to plainly relay His message to you.”
71:3  God has asked you to worship Him and to follow me
71:4  By doing so God will forgive some of your sins and will give you enough time to redeem your soul. Know that when the day comes, God will not postpone it
71:5  After repeating and repeating the message uselessly, Noah begged: “O My Lord, I take you as a witness that I have relayed your message days and nights.”
71:6  But my calls have made them more and more daring and challenging
71:7  Anytime that I have given them the good news of your promises to forgive them, they put their fingers into their ears, cover themselves with their cloths and arrogantly avoid me
71:8  I have delivered your message publicly;.
71:9  … I have talked to them openly and privately with no result
71:10  I urged them to seek forgiveness in Lord, the Most Forgiving
71:11  I brought to their attention that if they do so,…
71:12  … God will shower them with blessings: abundant rain from the sky, wealth and children, fruitful gardens and continuous flowing rivers
71:13  What is the matter with you that you do not fear your Creator
71:14  The One Who brought you to the present stage after passing you through different stages of creation and phases of development
71:15  Why do not you recognize the awesome power of God Who has created seven universes one engulfing the other
71:16  How do you dare to rebel against the One who created the sun which sends out the light and the moon which reflects the light
71:17  God is the One Who made you grow like the plants out of the earth in an amazing manner
71:18  Then He will return you to the earth and one day resurrect you out of it
71:19  God is the One Who has spread out the earth for you…
71:20  …so that you may use its wide paths for your transportation
71:21  Noah said: “My Lord, instead of following me, my people have followed their chiefs. They are enchanted with their chiefs’ wealth and children which, not only will not benefit them but also, will be used as a source of oppression against them.”
71:22  Their chiefs have already devised a vicious plan against them
71:23  Their chiefs have told them not to abandon their idols: Wadd, Suwa, Yaghuth, Yauq and Nasr
71:24  Their chiefs have misled many. My Lord, I beg you deprive them of your blessings and do not give them nothing but misery
71:25  In account of their sins God drowned them and they will be cast into Hellfire where they will find no saver but their Lord
71:26  Then Noah prayed: “O my Lord, may you not leave any disbeliever on earth…
71:27  …. If disbelievers stay on earth, they will do no good but misleading your servants and will pass their wicked genes to their offspring
71:28  My Lord, forgive me and my parents and those men and women who have joined me in worshipping you and may you do not give anything to disbelievers except misery