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72:1  O’ Mohammad, declare that: “God has informed me that in an occasion a group of Jinns have listened to the recital of the Qur’an and have found it amazing.”
72:2  “The Jinns have, therefore, arrived to the conclusion that Qur’an guides man and Jinns to the straight path and that they have decided not to worship but God.”
72:3  “The Jinns, therefore, bear witness the majesty of the Lord and that He has not taken anyone as His wife or child.”
72:4  “The Jinns hereby declare that they are ashamed of those jinns who have chosen to worship others beside their Creator.”
72:5  “The Jinns admit that it is a sin for a Jinn or a man to fabricate a lie against God.”
72:6  “The Jinns declare that throughout the history there has been instances when men have co-operated with the Jinns of evil nature; this co-operation, however, has not been beneficial for men as they became more wicked.”
72:7  “Those wicked (jinns/ men) were thinking, as you think, that God will never raise anyone [raise as a prophet or raise in the day of judgment].&rdquo
72:8  “We ventured into inter galactic travels but found the space full of dangerous meteors.”
72:9  “And we were used to seat in some places in the space, monitoring intergalactic bands of noises/voices. But those places now are in the projectile of dangerous meteors.”
72:10  “We do not know whether man’s misfortune in earth is a punishment or God intends to impose hardship upon them so that they become mature and experienced.”
72:11  “Among us there are righteous Jinns and wicked ones; we are following different ideologies.”
72:12  “We know well that on earth or in the space we can not escape God.”
72:13  “As soon as we heard the word of God, we submitted to it. Any one who believes in God will never fear any loss or injustice imposed upon him.”
72:14  “Some of us are Muslims (submitted to the will of God) and some of us are unjust. Those who have submitted themselves to the will of God,…
72:15  … they are on the right path. Those who have compromised, they will be used as a firewood for Hell.”
72:16  O’ Mohammad, say: “If people sincerely follow the right path, their Lord will send them abundant water” [which is the source of life]
72:17  And the one who does not talk to his Lord in humility (worship), his Lord will severely punish him
72:18  Know that the mosques are only for the remembrance of God. Do not praise anyone in the mosque except God
72:19  What a disgusting scene it was when a servant of God stood in the mosque to worship his Lord, the ignorant crowd stifled him almost to death
72:20  O’ Mohammad, say: “I only worship God and do not associate any one with Him.”
72:21  Say: “I am not given the power to inflict any evil on you, neither I am given the authority to guide you.”
72:22  Say: “None can protect me from God, nor can I find refuge in anyone but God.”
72:23  Say: “My mission is only to relay God’s message. Whoever disobeys God and His Messenger, he will have the Fire of Hell to live in forever
72:24  It is only when they see the Hellfire with their own eyes that they will realize your few helpers are not as weak as they thought and that their numerous supporters are weak indeed
72:25  Say: “I do not know the Hellfire that God has promised you is going to happen soon to you or that there will be a long time before you face it.”
72:26  God is the only one who knows the unseen. He is not going to reveal His secrets to anyone
72:27  If God decides to reveal a part of His knowledge to mankind,.
72:28  … He will choose messengers among themselves and put guards around them to know whether or not they have delivered the message. God is fully aware of his messengers’ activities and keeps a count of each and every thing