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69:1  The Inevitable! (Day of Judgment)
69:2  What is the Inevitable
69:3  Would that you knew (in detail) what the Inevitable is
69:4  The people of Thamud and Ad denied the Day of Judgment
69:5  The Thamuds were destroyed by a violent blast of sound
69:6  The Ads were destroyed by a swift, destructive gal
69:7  which continued to strike them for seven and eight days so that eventually you could see the people lying dead like the hollow trunks of uprooted palm-trees
69:8  Can you see any of their survivors
69:9  The Pharaoh, those who lived before him and the people of the Subverted Cities all persisted in doing evil
69:10  They disobeyed the Messenger of their Lord and He seized them with torment which increased with time
69:11  When the flood rose high and covered the whole land, We carried you in the Ark
69:12  as a lesson for you, but only attentive ears will retain it
69:13  With the first blast of sound from the trumpet
69:14  the earth and mountains will be raised up high and crushed all together
69:15  On that day, the inevitable event will take plac
69:16  and the heavens will be rent asunder
69:17  and will turn frail, losing all force. The angels will be around the heavens and on that day eight of them will carry the Throne of your Lord above all the creatures
69:18  On that day all your secrets will be exposed
69:19  Those who will receive the books of the records of their deeds in their right hands will say, "Come and read my record
69:20  I was sure that the record of my deeds would be shown to me"
69:21  They will have a pleasant lif
69:22  in an exalted garde
69:23  with fruits within easy reach
69:24  Such people will be told, "Eat and drink with pleasure as the reward for what you did in the past"
69:25  However, those who will receive the books of the records of their deeds in their left hands will say, "We wish that this record had never been given to u
69:26  and that we would never knew what our records contained
69:27  Would that death had taken us away for good
69:28  Our wealth is of no benefit to u
69:29  and our belief has destroyed us"
69:30  The angels will be told, "Seize and chain them
69:31  then throw them into hell to be heated up therein
69:32  Fasten a chain to them - seventy cubits long
69:33  they did not believe in the great God
69:34  nor were they concerned with feeding the destitute
69:35  On this day, they will have no friend
69:36  and no food except pu
69:37  which only the sinners eat"
69:38  I do not need to swear by what you se
69:39  and what you do not se
69:40  because the Quran is certainly the word of a reverent messenger
69:41  It is not the word of a poet but only a few of you have faith
69:42  nor is it the work of a soothsayer but only a few of you take heed
69:43  It is a revelation from the Lord of the Universe
69:44  Had Muhammad invented some words against Us,
69:45  We would have caught hold of him by his right han
69:46  and cut-off his main artery
69:47  None of you would be able to prevent Us from doing this to him
69:48  The Quran is certainly a reminder for the pious ones
69:49  We certainly know that some of you have rejected i
69:50  and (on the Day of Judgment) this will be a great source of regret for the unbelievers
69:51  This is the Truth beyond any doubt
69:52  (Muhammad), glorify the name of your Lord, the Great One