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42:1  Ha. Meem.
42:2  ‘Ayn. Seen. Qaf.
42:3  He sends inspiration to you as to those before you. Allah, the Victorious, the Perfectly Wise!
42:4  To Him belong all things of the skies and Earth. He is the Highest, the Magnificent.
42:5  The skies above nearly burst as the angels celebrate the praises of their Lord and pray for forgiveness for all beings on Earth. Truly, Allah is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful.
42:6  As for those who rely on protectors other than Him, Allah watches over them. It’s not up to you to be responsible for them.
42:7  We have sent the Arabic Qur’an by inspiration to you. [It is] so you may warn the mother of cities [Mecca] and all around her. [It is] so you may warn of the day of assembly of which there is no doubt. Some will be in Paradise, and some will be in the blazing fire.
42:8  If Allah had so willed, He could have made (humanity) one single people [with no racial and ethnic diversity]. He admits whom He will to His mercy, and the sinners will have no protector or helper.
42:9  Have they accepted protectors other than Him? Allah is the Protector, and He gives life to the dead. He has power over all things.
42:10  Concerning your differences, the decision is with Allah. Such is Allah my Lord! In Him I trust. To Him I turn.
42:11  The Creator of the skies and Earth has designed you to become mates. He has also made pairs among cattle. By this plan He multiplies you. There is nothing that compares to Him. He is the All-hearing, the All-seeing.
42:12  To Him belong the keys to Heaven and Earth. He expounds or limits sustenance as He will, for He is fully aware.
42:13  He decrees for you the same religion that He ordained for Noah, which is what We have inspired to you [Prophet Muhammed]. We also ordained [this religion] for Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. Specifically, you should remain faithful in religion and create no divisions therein. As for those who worship other things besides Allah, you [Prophet Muhammed] call them to dreadful accountability. Allah chooses who comes to Him, as He pleases. He guides to Himself those who repent.
42:14  (The religious sects) became divided only after knowledge had come to them, due to sinfulness among them. If it had not been for a prior Word sent forth from your Lord, concerning an appointed term, the matter would have been resolved among them. Truly, those who have inherited the Book from them are suspicious about it.
42:15  Because of that, give the call and stand faithfully as you are commanded. Do not follow their vain desire, but say, “I believe in the Book Allah has bestowed, and I am commanded to judge justly among you. Allah is our Lord and your Lord. We are responsible for our deeds, and you are responsible for your deeds. No contention is between you and us. Allah will bring us all together, and to Him is our destiny.”
42:16  Some people argue about Allah after He has been acknowledged. Their arguments are worthless in the sight of their Lord. Wrath is upon them. A terrible penalty awaits them.
42:17  It is Allah who has sent down the Book in truth. [He has sent down] the balance [with which to judge right and wrong]. What will cause you to realize that the hour may be near?
42:18  Those who don’t believe in it want to rush it. Those who believe hold it in awe and know that it is the truth. Truly, those who argue about the hour are far astray.
42:19  Allah is gracious to His servants. He gives sustenance to whom He pleases. He is the Strongest, the Victorious.
42:20  To anyone who desires the harvest of the hereafter, We provide an increase in his/her harvest. To anyone who desires the harvest of this world, We provide some of it, but he/she has no share in the hereafter.
42:21  Do they have partners who have made for them a religion not allowed by Allah? If it were not for the decree of judgment, the matter would have been decided among them. Truly, the sinners will have a horrible punishment.
42:22  You will see the sinners fearful because of what they have earned and what must happen to them. Those who believe and perform righteous deeds will be in the meadows of Paradise. They shall have whatever they want with their Lord. That will be the wonderful provision!
42:23  Allah gives good news about that to His servants who believe and perform righteous deeds. Say, “I ask no reward of you for this except the love of your relatives.” When someone earns any good, We shall give him/her an increase of good in respect to it. Truly, Allah is the Most Forgiving, the Most Appreciative.
42:24  Do they say that he has forged a lie against Allah? If Allah wanted, He could have sealed your heart. Allah blots out lies and proves the truth by His words. He truly knows the secrets of hearts.
42:25  He is the One who accepts repentance from His servants and forgives sins. He knows all that you do.
42:26  He listens to those who believe and perform righteous deeds. He gives them increase of His bounty. For the unbelievers, there is a terrible penalty.
42:27  If Allah were to enlarge the provision for His servants, they would surely sin throughout the land. But He bestows in due measure as He pleases. Truly, concerning His servants, He is the Fully Aware, the All-seeing.
42:28  He is the One who sends down rain after hope has been abandoned. [He] distributes His mercy. He is the Guardian, the Most Praiseworthy.
42:29  Among His signs is the creation of the skies and Earth and the living creatures He has dispersed among them. He has power to assemble them when He wills.
42:30  Whatever crisis afflicts you is because of what (humanity’s) hands have earned [by introducing evil into Allah’s perfect creation]. (Allah) grants forgiveness to many.
42:31  However, you cannot escape [responsibility] anywhere on earth. And you have, besides Allah, no one to protect or help you.
42:32  Among His signs are the ships in the sea, looking like mountains.
42:33  If it were His will, He could still the wind so that the ships would become stationary on the [water’s] surface. Truly, in this are signs for everyone who is patient and grateful.
42:34  Or He could destroy (people) for what they have earned, but He forgives much.
42:35  Inform those who argue about Our signs that for them is no place of refuge.
42:36  Whatever you are given is a convenience of this life, but that which is with Allah is better and more durable for those who believe and put their trust in their Lord.
42:37  [They] are those who avoid the most horrible sins and shameful deeds. [They] forgive even when angered.
42:38  [They] hearken to their Lord and maintain the traditional prayers. [They] conduct their affairs by mutual consultation. [They] spend [for charity] from the sustenance We bestow upon them.
42:39  [They are] those who, when afflicted by an injustice, [properly] defend themselves.
42:40  The punishment for damages is equal to the damages. However, if a person forgives and reconciles, his/her reward is due from Allah. Allah does not love those who are unjust.
42:41  Certainly, as for whoever defends him-/herself after damages to him/her, there is no reason to blame him/her.
42:42  The blame is only on those who oppress people and transgress throughout the land, in defiance of justice. For them will be a terrible punishment.
42:43  If any exhibit patience and forgiveness, that would truly be an exercise of courage in the conduct of affairs.
42:44  For any whom Allah leaves astray, there is no protector thereafter. You will see the sinners viewing the punishment. [They will] say, “Is there a way to return?”
42:45  You will see them brought forward to (the punishment) in a state of humbleness. [They] will look with a stealthy glance. The believers will say, “Those are truly in loss who have given themselves and their cohorts to damnation on the Day of Judgment.”
42:46  They have no protectors to help them, other than Allah. For any whom Allah leaves astray, there is no way.
42:47  Respond to your Lord before the day comes from Allah that you cannot avoid. That day, there will be no refuge for you. There will be no chance for denial.
42:48  If they turn away, We have not sent you [Prophet Muhammed] as a guard over them. Your duty is only to preach. Truly, when We give a person a taste of mercy from Us, he/she takes joy in it. When something bad happens as a result of what he/she has done, truly then the person is ungrateful.
42:49  To Allah belongs the dominion of Heaven and Earth. He creates what He wills. He gives a male or female child according to His will.
42:50  Or He gives both male and female children, and He leaves childless whom He will. He truly is filled with knowledge and power.
42:51  To no person does Allah speak unless by inspiration, or from behind a veil, or by the sending of a messenger to reveal, with Allah’s permission, whatever Allah wills. He is the Highest and Wisest!
42:52  Thus, We have, by Our command, sent inspiration to you [Prophet Muhammed]. You did not know what revelation was or what faith was, but We made (the Qur’an) a light by which We may guide those among Our servants as We will. Truly, you guide to the Straight Way.
42:53  [That is] the way of Allah, to whom belong everything in the skies and everything on earth. See how everything tends toward Allah.