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42:1  ?a. Mim
42:2  ?Ayn. Sin. Qaf
42:3  Thus does He reveal unto thee and unto those before thee—God, the Mighty, the Wise
42:4  Unto Him belongs whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is on the earth, and He is the Exalted, the Magnificent
42:5  The heavens are well-nigh rent asunder from above, while the angels hymn the praise of their Lord and seek forgiveness for those on earth. Yea! Truly God is the Forgiving, the Merciful
42:6  As for those who take protectors apart from Him, God is Keeper over them, and thou art not a guardian over them
42:7  Thus have We revealed unto thee an Arabic Quran that thou mayest warn the Mother of Cities and those around it, and that thou mayest warn of the Day of Gathering in which there is no doubt. A group shall be in the Garden and a group shall be in the Blaze
42:8  Had God willed, He would have made them all one community. But He causes whomsoever He will to enter into His Mercy. And the wrongdoers have no protector and no helper
42:9  Or have they taken protectors apart from Him? Yet God, He is the Protector; He gives life to the dead; and He is Powerful over all things
42:10  As for anything wherein you differ, judgment thereof lies with God. That is God, my Lord. In Him do I trust and unto Him do I turn
42:11  The Originator of the heavens and the earth, He has appointed for you mates from among yourselves, and has appointed mates also among the cattle. He multiplies you thereby; naught is like unto Him, yet He is the Hearer, the Seer
42:12  Unto Him belong the keys of the heavens and the earth. He outspreads and straitens provision for whomsoever He will. Truly He is Knower of all things
42:13  He has prescribed for you as religion that which He enjoined upon Noah, and that which We revealed unto thee, and that which We enjoined upon Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, that you uphold religion and not become divided therein. Grievous for the idolaters is that to which thou callest them. God chooses for Himself whomsoever He will and guides unto Himself whosoever turns in repentance
42:14  They did not become divided till after knowledge had come unto them, out of envy among themselves. And were it not for a Word that had preceded from thy Lord unto a term appointed, judgment would have been made between them. Yet truly those who were bequeathed the Book after them are indeed confounded by doubt regarding it
42:15  Therefore, summon, and stand firm as thou hast been commanded. Follow not their caprices, and say, “I believe in that which God has sent down from a Book, and I have been commanded to establish justice among you. God is our Lord and your Lord. Unto us our deeds, and unto you your deeds; there is no argument between us and you. God will gather us together and unto Him is the journey’s end.
42:16  As for those who argue about God after having responded to Him, their argument is baseless in the eyes of their Lord. Upon them shall be wrath, and theirs shall be a severe punishment
42:17  God it is Who sent down the Book in truth, and the Balance. And what will apprise thee? Perhaps the Hour is nigh
42:18  Those who believe not in it seek to hasten it, and those who believe are wary of it and know that it is the truth. Are not those who dispute the Hour far astray
42:19  God is kind unto His servants; He provides for whomsoever He will, and He is the Strong, the Mighty
42:20  Whosoever desires the harvest of the Hereafter, We shall increase for him his harvest. And whosoever desires the harvest of this world, We shall give him some thereof, but he will have no share in the Hereafter
42:21  Or have they partners who have prescribed for them as religion that which God did not permit? Were it not for the Word of Division, judgment would have been made between them. And truly the wrongdoers shall have a painful punishment
42:22  Thou seest the wrongdoers wary of that which they have earned; for it will fall upon them. And those who believe and perform righteous deeds shall be in flowering meadows of the Gardens. With their Lord they shall have whatsoever they will. That is the great bounty
42:23  This is that whereof God gives glad tidings to His servants, those who believe and perform righteous deeds. Say, “I ask not of you any reward for it, save affection among kinsfolk.” And whosoever accomplishes a good deed, We shall increase him in goodness thereby. Truly God is Forgiving, Thankful
42:24  Or do they say, “He has fabricated a lie against God?” If God willed, He would put a seal upon thy heart. God wipes out falsehood and verifies the truth through His Words. Truly He knows what lies within breasts
42:25  He it is Who accepts repentance from His servants and pardons evil deeds. And He knows whatsoever you do
42:26  He responds to those who believe and perform righteous deeds, and will increase them from His Bounty. Yet as for the disbelievers, theirs shall be a severe punishment
42:27  Had God outspread His provision for His servants, they would have behaved tyrannically upon the earth. But He sends down whatsoever He will according to a measure. Verily of His servants He is Aware, Seeing
42:28  He it is Who sends down the rain after they have despaired and spreads forth His Mercy. And He is the Protector, the Praised
42:29  And among His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and all moving creatures that He has scattered therein, and He is able to gather them together whensoever He will
42:30  Whatsoever misfortune befalls you is because of that which your hands have earned; and He pardons much
42:31  You thwart not on earth, and you have no protector or helper apart from God
42:32  Among His signs are the ships upon the sea like mountains
42:33  if He so wills, He stills the wind, and they lie motionless upon its surface. Truly in that are signs for all who are patient, thankful
42:34  Or He causes them to perish for that which they have earned—and He pardons much
42:35  and so that those who dispute concerning Our signs will know that they have no refuge
42:36  Whatsoever you have been given, it is the enjoyment of the life of this world, and that which lies with God is better and more lasting for those who believe and trust in their Lord
42:37  who shun grave sins and indecencies and who when they are angry, they forgive
42:38  who respond to their Lord and perform the prayer, their affair being counsel among them, who spend from that which We have provided them
42:39  and who, when tyranny befalls them, they defend themselves
42:40  The recompense of an evil is an evil like unto it. Yet whosoever pardons and sets matters aright, his reward is with God. Truly He loves not the wrongdoers
42:41  And whosoever defends himself after having been wronged, for such there is no way against them
42:42  There is only a way against those who wrong people and behave tyrannically upon the earth without right. For them, there shall be a painful punishment
42:43  And whosoever is patient and forgives, that is indeed a course worthy of resolve
42:44  And whomsoever God leads astray has no protector beyond Him. Thou shalt see the wrongdoers, when they see the punishment, saying, “Is there any way of return?
42:45  And thou shalt see them exposed to it, diminished through abasement, looking furtively. And those who believe will say, “Truly the losers are those who have lost themselves and their families on the Day of Resurrection.” Behold! Truly, the wrongdoers are in lasting punishment
42:46  They have no protectors to help them apart from God. And whomsoever God leads astray, no way has he
42:47  Respond to your Lord before there comes a day from God that none can repel. You will have no refuge that Day; nor shall you have any denial
42:48  And if they turn away, We sent thee not as a keeper over them. Naught is incumbent upon thee, save the proclamation. Truly when We cause man to taste mercy from Us, he rejoices in it. Yet if an evil befalls them because of that which their hands have sent forth, truly man is ungrateful
42:49  Unto God belongs sovereignty over the heavens and the earth; He creates whatsoever He will, bestowing females upon whomsoever He will, and bestowing males upon whomsoever He will
42:50  or He couples males and females and causes whomsoever He will to be barren. Truly He is Knowing, Powerful
42:51  It is not for any human being that God should speak unto him, save by revelation, or from behind a veil, or that He should send a messenger in order to reveal what He will by His Leave. Truly He is Exalted, Wise
42:52  Thus have We revealed unto thee a Spirit from Our Command. Thou knewest not what scripture was, nor faith. But We made it a light whereby We guide whomsoever We will among Our servants. Truly thou dost guide unto a straight path
42:53  the path of God, unto Whom belongs whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is on the earth. Behold! All affairs are journeying unto God