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42:1  Ha. Mim
42:2  Ayn. Sin. Qaf
42:3  (Muhammad), this is how God, the Majestic and All-wise, sends revelations to you and sent them to those who lived before you
42:4  To Him belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth. He is the Most High and the Most Great
42:5  (When the revelation passes through) the heavens, they almost break apart. At that time the angels glorify their Lord with His praise and seek forgiveness for those who live on earth. God is certainly All-forgiving and All-merciful
42:6  God is the guardian of even those who have chosen others (idols) besides Him as their guardians (Muhammad), you will not have to answer for them
42:7  We have revealed the Quran to you in the Arabic language so that you could warn the people of the Mother Town (Mecca) and those around it of the inevitable Day of Resurrection when some will go to Paradise and others to hell
42:8  Had God wanted, He could have made them all one single nation, but He grants mercy to whomever He wills. The unjust will have no guardian or helper
42:9  Have they chosen other guardians besides Him? God is the real Guardian and it is He who will bring the dead back to life. He has power over all things
42:10  Whatever differences you may have about the Quran, the final decision rests with God. In Him do I trust and to Him do I turn in repentance
42:11  He is the Originator of the heavens and the earth. He has made you and the cattle in pairs and has multiplied you by His creation. There is certainly nothing like Him. He is All-hearing and All-aware
42:12  In His hands are the keys of the heavens and the earth. He increases and determines the sustenance of whomever He wants. He has the knowledge of all things
42:13  He has plainly clarified the religion which is revealed to you and that which Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus were commanded to follow (He has explained it) so that you would be steadfast and united in your religion. What you call the pagans to is extremely grave for them. God attracts to (the religion) whomever He wants and guides to it whoever turns to Him in repentance
42:14  Only after receiving the knowledge did people divide themselves into different groups because of rebellion among themselves. Had it not been for your Lord's giving them respite for an appointed time, He would certainly have settled their differences once and for all. Those who inherited the Book, from their quarrelsome predecessors, also have doubts and suspicions about it
42:15  Thus, (Muhammad), preach (My revelation) to the people and be steadfast (in your faith) as you have been commanded. Do not follow their desires but say, "I believe in the Book which God has sent down and I have been commanded to exercise justice among you. God is our Lord and your Lord. Each of us will be responsible for his own deeds. Let there be no disputes among us. God will bring us all together and to Him we shall all return"
42:16  The disputes of those who quarrel about God, after pledging obedience to Him, will be void in the eyes of their Lord. Such people will be subject to His wrath and will suffer a severe torment
42:17  It is God who revealed the Book and the Balance for a truthful purpose. You never know. Perhaps the Hour of Doom is close at hand
42:18  The disbelievers want you to show them the Day of Judgment immediately while the believers are afraid of it for they know it to be the truth. Those who insist on disputing the Hour of Doom are certainly in plain error
42:19  God is kind to His servants. He gives sustenance to whomever He wants. He is All-powerful and Majestic
42:20  We shall increase the harvest of those who seek a good harvest in the life hereafter. However, those who want to have their harvest in this life will be given it but will have no share in the hereafter
42:21  Do they have idols who have established a religion without the permission of God? Had not it been for your Lord's giving them respite for an appointed time, He would certainly have settled their differences once and for all. The unjust will certainly suffer a painful torment
42:22  You can see that the unjust are afraid of the consequences of their deeds which will inevitably strike them. However, the righteously striving believers will live in the gardens wherein they will have whatever they want from their Lord. This is certainly the greatest reward
42:23  This is the glad news which God gives to His servants, the righteously striving believers. (Muhammad), say, "I do not ask you for any payment for my preaching to you except (your) love of(my near) relatives." Whoever achieves virtue will have its merit increased. God is All-forgiving and Appreciating
42:24  Do they say that he, (Muhammad), has invented falsehood against God? Had God wanted, He could have sealed up your heart. God causes falsehood to vanish and, by His words, firmly establishes the truth. He has full knowledge of what the hearts contain
42:25  It is He who accepts the repentance of His servants, forgives their evil deeds and knows all about what you do
42:26  He answers the prayers of the righteously striving believers and grants them increasing favors. The unbelievers will suffer a severe punishment
42:27  Had God given abundant sustenance to His servants, they would have certainly rebelled on earth, but He sends them a known measure of sustenance as He wills. He is All-aware of His servants and watches over them all
42:28  It is He who sends down the rain after they had lost hope and spreads out His mercy. He is the Guardian and the Most Praiseworthy
42:29  Some of the evidence (of His existence) are His creation of the heavens and the earth and the beasts which inhabit it. He has all the power to bring them together if He wishes this to be so
42:30  Whatever hardship befalls you is the result of your own deeds. God pardons many of your sins
42:31  You cannot challenge God on earth and you will have no one besides Him as your guardian or helper
42:32  Further evidence (of His existence) are the ships which stand as mountains in the sea
42:33  Had He wanted, He could have stopped the wind and let the ships remain motionless on the surface of the sea, in this there is evidence (of the Truth) for all those who are patient and grateful
42:34  or He could have destroyed them as punishment for the human being's deeds. However, God pardons many sins
42:35  He knows all those who dispute His revelations. They will find no way to escape from (His torment)
42:36  Whatever you have received is just a means of enjoyment for this life but the reward of God for the believers and those who trust in their Lord will be better and everlasting
42:37  (This reward will be for) those who keep away from major sins and indecency, who forgive when they are made angry
42:38  who have pledged their obedience to the Lord, who are steadfast in prayer, who conduct their affairs with consultation among themselves, who spend for the cause of God out of what We have given them
42:39  and those who, when suffering a great injustice, seek to defend themselves
42:40  The recompense for evil will be equivalent to the deed. He who pardons (the evil done to him) and reforms himself, will receive his reward from God. God certainly does not love the unjust
42:41  Those who successfully defend themselves after being wronged will not be questioned
42:42  Only those who do injustice to people and commit rebellion on earth for no reason will be questioned. They will suffer a painful torment
42:43  To exercise patience and forgive (the wrong done to one) is the proof of genuine determination
42:44  Whomever God has caused to go astray will find no guardian after this. You will see the unjust, on facing the torment, say, "Is there any way to turn back
42:45  You will see them exposed to the fire, subdued in humiliation, looking sideways at it pleadingly. However, at the same time, the believers will say, "The true losers are those who will lose their souls and families on the Day of Judgment. The unjust will certainly suffer everlasting torment
42:46  They will have no guardian or helper besides God. Whoever God has caused to go astray will never find the right direction"
42:47  Pledge obedience to your Lord before the coming of the inevitable Day when you will find no refuge to escape from God's wrath and no one to defend you
42:48  (Muhammad), if they turn away from your message, know that We have not sent you as their keeper. Your duty is only to deliver the message. When We grant mercy to the human being, he becomes joyous, but when he is afflicted by evil as a result of his own deeds, he proves to be ungrateful
42:49  To God belongs the heavens and the earth. He created whatever He wanted. He grants males, female, or pairs of
42:50  offspring to whomever He wants. He causes whomever He wants to be childless. He is All-Knowing and All-Powerful
42:51  To no mortal does God speak but through revelation, from behind a curtain, or by sending a Messenger who reveals, by His permission whatever He pleases. He is the Most High and the All-wise
42:52  Thus, We have revealed a Spirit to you, (Muhammad), by Our command. Before, you did not even know what a Book or Faith was, but We have made the Quran as a light by which We guide whichever of Our servants We want. You certainly guide (people) to the right path
42:53  the path of God who is the owner of all that is in the heavens and the earth. To God certainly do all matters return