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41:1  Ha. Mim.
41:2  A revelation from Ar-Rahman [The All-merciful], The Most Merciful.
41:3  A book whereof the signs have been laid down in detail; a Quran in Arabic for a people who know;
41:4  a bringer of glad tidings and a warner yet most of them turned away so they do not hear.
41:5  And they say, “Our hearts are in a lock from that which you call us unto and in our ears there is a heaviness [deafness] and between us and you there is a veil therefore do your work for indeed we are going to do our work.”
41:6  Say, “I am but a human the best model for you; it is revealed to me that your deity is one deity therefore stand upright to Him and ask forgiveness from Him.” and woe unto those who ascribe partners unto Him.
41:7  Those who do not give the sanctifying dues while they are disbelievers in the hereafter.
41:8  Truly those who believe and do righteous deeds, for them is a reward that is never discontinued.
41:9  Say, “Is it indeed that you truly disbelieve in the one who created the earth in two periods and you make for Him equals?” That indeed is Lord of the worlds.
41:10  And in it He placed mountains from its top and He put blessings in it and He measured its sustenance in it in due proportion all in four periods, equal for all the seekers.
41:11  Then He turned to the heaven while it was a smoke then He said to it and to the earth, “Come both of you willingly or by compulsion.” They both said, “We come willingly.”
41:12  Then He decreed them to be seven heavens in two periods and He inspired in every heaven its commandment and He adorned the lower heaven with lamps and as a protection [for them too]. That is the wise measurement of The All-mighty, The All-knowing.
41:13  But if they turn away then say, “I warn you of a doom like the doom of ‘Ad and of Samood.”
41:14  When the messengers came to them from before them and from after them [saying] that, “Do not worship any except Allah.” They said, “If our Lord had so pleased He would have surely sent down angels. We are therefore disbelievers in that which you are sent with.”
41:15  As of ‘Ad they then grew arrogant in the earth without the truth and they said, “Who is greater than us in power?” Have they not seen that Allah who has created them, He is greater than them in power but they used to deny Our signs.
41:16  So We sent against them a wind of extreme coldness in days of ill omen so that We may make them taste the punishment of humiliation in the life of this world but truly the punishment of the hereafter is more humiliating and they will not be helped.
41:17  And as for Samood, We indeed gave them guidance but they preferred the blindness over the guidance so the doom of the humiliating punishment seized them because of that which they used to perpetrate.
41:18  But We saved those who believed and used to safeguard their own souls.
41:19  And the day when the enemies of Allah will be driven on pressed forward to be gathered to the fire.
41:20  Until when they come after it their hearings and their sights and their skins will witness against them about all that they used to do.
41:21  And they said to their skins, “Why have you witnessed against us?” They said, “Allah has made us to speak and is the one who causes everything to speak and it is He who created you the first time and unto Him you will be returned.”
41:22  And you did not use to care to hide yourself lest your hearing and your sight and your skins witness against you but you thought that Allah would not know much of what you used to do.
41:23  That was the thought that you thought about your Lord it has ruined you therefore you became of the ones in loss.
41:24  If they show patience, the fire is yet an abode for them and if they seek to be pleased with, they are not among those who will be pleased with.
41:25  And We have decreed for them companions and they made seem goodly to them all that was before them and all that was after them and the sentence of the truth passed against them to be among nations who passed before them from among the Jinns and the humans. Truly they were indeed in loss.
41:26  And those who disbelieve said, “Do not listen to this Quran and make idle talk in the course of its recitation so that perhaps you may triumph.”
41:27  And surely We will make those who disbelieve taste a formidable punishment and We will surely reward them with the worst of what they used to do.
41:28  That is the reward of the enemies of Allah; the fire – therein is the home of eternity for them as a reward for that they used to deny Our signs.
41:29  And those who disbelieve said, “O our Lord! Show us those who misguided us from the Jinns and the humans and we will place both of them under our feet so that they be among the lowest.”
41:30  Truly those who said, “Our Lord is Allah” and then they stood upright, the angels come down upon them [saying], “Do not fear and do not grieve and glad tidings be for you about the paradise which you were promised.
41:31  We are your allies in the life of this world and in the hereafter and therein for you is all that your souls desire and therein is for you all that you ask for
41:32  a welcome gift for homecoming from [a Lord] Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”
41:33  And who is more excellent in speech than one who calls unto Allah and works righteous deeds and says, “I am indeed one of those who have submitted to Allah.”
41:34  And the good and the evil are not equal. Pushback [evil] with that which is most excellent and one between you and him there is an enmity, lo! It is as though he is an ally and an intimate friend.
41:35  And none receives it except those who are patient and none receives it except one who is of the most magnificent fortune.
41:36  And if ever a prompting from Satan prompts you then seek refuge with Allah. Truly He it is who is The All-hearing, The All-knowing.
41:37  And among His signs are the night and the day and the sun and the moon. Do not prostrate to the sun nor to the moon but prostrate to Allah, the One who created them if it is indeed Him that you worship.
41:38  But if they grow arrogant, as for those who are in the presence of your Lord, they glorify Him by the night and by the day and they do not feel bored.
41:39  And among His signs is that you see the earth in a lifeless state but when We send down the water on it, it moves and swells up. Truly the One who brought it to life is surely the One who brings the dead to life. Truly He has power over all things.
41:40  Truly those who bring crookedness into Our signs, they are not hidden unto Us. Is the one who is thrown into the fire better or the one who comes safe on the day of resurrection? Do what you please. Truly He is All-seeing about what you do.
41:41  Truly those who disbelieved in the remembrance when it came to them [let them know] that it surely is a book unassailable.
41:42  The falsehood does not come to it from before it nor from behind it. It is sent down from One All-wise, All-praise-worthy.
41:43  There was nothing said to you except that which was said to the messengers before you. Truly your Lord is surely Master of forgiveness and Master of painful chastisement.
41:44  And had We made it a Quran in a non-Arabic tongue, they would have surely said, “If only its signs were explained in detail!” What? A non-Arabic [book] and an Arab [messenger]. Say, “It is for those who believe a guidance and a healing.” But for those who do not believe, there is a heaviness in their ears and it is a blindness unto them. Those are called from a place far removed.
41:45  And We had indeed given the book to Moses but they disagreed in it and had it not been for a word that had gone forth from your Lord, the matter surely had been decreed between them. And they truly are in doubtful incredulity about it.
41:46  Whoever works a righteous deed is indeed for the benefit of his own soul and whoever does evil, it is against himself. And your Lord is not the doer of wrong to the slaves.
41:47  Knowledge of the hour is referred back to Him. And no fruits come forth from their sheaths and no female bears nor lays down except by His knowledge. And the day He will call them out, “Where are those that you ascribed as partners to Me?” They will say, “We declare unto You that there is no single witness among us.”
41:48  And all those that they used to invoke before had gone missing from them and they sensed that there is no place of escape for them.
41:49  The human being never gets sated from asking for good but if the harm touches him, lo! He is all hopeless all despairing.
41:50  And if We do make him taste a mercy from Us after a distress which touched him, he is sure to say, “This is for me and I do not think that the hour will ever come to pass and if I am ever brought back to my Lord, certainly with Him for me is [nothing but] the goodly reward.” Surely We are going to inform those who disbelieve about all that they did and surely we will make them taste from a tough punishment.
41:51  And when We bestow grace on the human being, he turns his face away and keeps aloof on his own but when the harm touches him, lo! He is master of a most elaborate supplication.
41:52  Say, “See you that if it were from Allah and you disbelieved in it, then who is more misguided than one who is in a dissension far removed.”
41:53  Soon We will show them Our sings on the horizons and within themselves until it becomes clear to them that truly He is the truth. Does it not suffice that your Lord, truly He is a Witness over all things.
41:54  Truly they are indeed in a confusion about meeting their Lord. Truly He indeed is All-encompassing about everything.