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41:1  Ha Mi
41:2  A revelation from the Lord of Mercy, the Giver of Mercy
41:3  a Scripture whose verses are made distinct as a Quran in Arabic for people who understand
41:4  giving good news and warning. Yet most of them turn away and so do not hear
41:5  They say, ‘Our hearts are encased against [the faith] you call us to; our ears are heavy; there is a barrier between us and you. So you do whatever you want, and so shall we.’
41:6  Say [Prophet], ‘I am only a mortal like you, [but] it has been revealed to me that your God is One. Take the straight path to Him and seek His forgiveness. Woe to the idolaters
41:7  who do not pay the prescribed alms and refuse to believe in the world to come
41:8  Those who believe and do good deeds will have a reward that never fails.’
41:9  Say, ‘How can you disregard the One who created the earth in two Days? How can you set up other gods as His equals? He is the Lord of all the worlds!’
41:10  He placed solid mountains on it, blessed it, measured out its varied provisions for all who seek them––all in four Days
41:11  Then He turned to the sky, which was smoke––He said to it and the earth, ‘Come into being, willingly or not,’ and they said, ‘We come willingly’–&ndash
41:12  and in two Days He formed seven heavens, and assigned an order to each. We have made the nearest one beautifully illuminated and secure. Such is the design of the Almighty, the All Knowing
41:13  If they turn away, say, ‘I have warned you about a blast like the one which struck 'Ad and Thamud
41:14  when their messengers came to them, from all angles, saying, “Serve no one but God,” they said, “If our Lord had wished, He would have sent down angels. We do not believe in the message with which you have been sent.”
41:15  The people of 'Ad behaved arrogantly throughout the land without any right, saying, “Who could be stronger than us?” Did they not realize that God, who created them, was stronger than them?’ They continued to reject Our message
41:16  so We let a roaring wind loose on them for a few disastrous days to make them taste the punishment of shame in this world; more shameful still will be the punishment of the life to come, and they will not be helped
41:17  As for Thamud, We gave them guidance but they preferred blindness, so they were struck by a blast of humiliating punishment for their misdeeds
41:18  We saved those who believed and were mindful of God
41:19  On the Day when God’s enemies are gathered up for the Fire and driven onward
41:20  their ears, eyes, and skins will, when they reach it, testify against them for their misdeeds
41:21  They will say to their skins, ‘Why did you testify against us?’ and their skins will reply, ‘God, who gave speech to everything, has given us speech- it was He who created you the first time and to Him you have been returned
41:22  yet you did not try to hide yourselves from your ears, eyes, and skin to prevent them from testifying against you. You thought that God did not know about much of what you were doing
41:23  so it was the thoughts you entertained about your Lord that led to your ruin, and you became losers.’
41:24  The Fire will still be their home, even if they resign themselves to patience, and if they pray to be allowed to make amends, they will not be given permission to do so
41:25  We have appointed, for the disbelievers, companions who make their past and present seem fair and right to them, but the sentence has already been passed on them, along with generations of jinn and men before them: they were losers
41:26  The disbelievers say, ‘Do not listen to this Quran; drown it in frivolous talk: you may gain the upper hand.’
41:27  We shall certainly give the disbelievers a taste of severe punishment. We shall repay them according to their worst deeds
41:28  that is the reward of the enemies of God- the Fire will be their lasting home, a payment for their rejection of Our revelations
41:29  The disbelievers will say, ‘Our Lord, show us those jinn and men who misled us and we shall trample them underfoot, so that they may be among the lowest of the low.’
41:30  As for those who say, ‘Our Lord is God,’ and take the straight path towards Him, the angels come down to them and say, ‘Have no fear or grief, but rejoice in the good news of Paradise, which you have been promised
41:31  We are your allies in this world and in the world to come, where you will have everything you desire and ask fo
41:32  as a welcoming gift from the Most Forgiving, Most Merciful One.’
41:33  Who speaks better than someone who calls people to God, does what is right, and says, ‘I am one of those devoted to God’
41:34  Good and evil cannot be equal. [Prophet], repel evil with what is better and your enemy will become as close as an old and valued friend
41:35  but only those who are steadfast in patience, only those who are blessed with great righteousness, will attain to such goodness
41:36  If a prompting from Satan should stir you, seek refuge with God: He is the All Hearing and the All Knowing
41:37  The night, the day, the sun, the moon, are only a few of His signs. Do not bow down in worship to the sun or the moon, but bow down to God who created them, if it is truly Him that you worship
41:38  If the disbelievers are too arrogant, [remember, Prophet, that] those who are with your Lord glorify Him tirelessly night and day
41:39  Another of His signs is this: you see the earth lying desolate, but when We send water down on to it, it stirs and grows. He who gives it life will certainly give life to the dead. He has power over everything
41:40  Those who distort the meaning of Our message are not hidden from Us. Is he who is hurled into the Fire better, or he who comes through safely on the Day of Resurrection? Do whatever you want, God certainly sees everything you do
41:41  Those who reject the Quran when it comes to them- though it is an unassailable Scriptur
41:42  which falsehood cannot touch from any angle, a Revelation sent down from the Wise One, Worthy of All Praise
41:43  [should remember that] you [Prophet] are not told anything that the previous messengers were not told: your Lord is a Lord of forgiveness, but also of painful punishment
41:44  If We had made it a foreign Quran, they would have said, ‘If only its verses were clear! What? Foreign speech to an Arab?’ Say, ‘It is guidance and healing for those who have faith, but the ears of the disbelievers are heavy, they are blind to it, it is as if they are being called from a distant place.’
41:45  We gave the Scripture to Moses but disputes arose about it- if it were not for a decree that had already been issued from your Lord, they would already have been judged- and still they are doubtful and suspicious of it
41:46  Whoever does good does it for his own soul and whoever does evil does it against his own soul: your Lord is never unjust to His creatures
41:47  Knowledge of the Hour belongs solely to Him and no crop comes out of its sheath, nor does any female conceive or give birth, without His knowledge. On the Day He asks them, ‘Where are My partners?’ they will answer, ‘We admit to You that none of us can see [them]’
41:48  the gods they invoked before will have vanished away; they will know that there is no escape
41:49  Man never tires of asking for good, but if evil touches him he loses all hope and becomes despondent
41:50  Whenever We let him taste some of Our mercy after he has been afflicted, he is sure to say, ‘This is all my own doing: I do not think the Hour will ever come, but even if I were to be taken back to my Lord, the best reward would await me with Him.’ We shall most certainly inform the disbelievers of what they have done and give them a taste of severe torment
41:51  Whenever We are gracious to man, he goes away haughtily, but, as soon as evil touches him, he turns to prolonged prayer
41:52  Say [Prophet], ‘Have you ever thought, what if this revelation really is from God and you still reject it? Who could be more astray than someone who cuts himself off so far [from God]?&rsquo
41:53  We shall show them Our signs in every region of the earth and in themselves, until it becomes clear to them that this is the Truth. Is it not enough that your Lord witnesses everything
41:54  Truly, they doubt that they will meet their Lord; truly He encompasses everything