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25:1  Blessed is He who sent down to His Servant the Furqan [the Standard by which we judge right from wrong), so that he may be a warner to all people.
25:2  It is He to whom belongs the dominion over the heavens and the earth, and who has not taken a son and has no associate in His dominion, for He has created all things according to precise measures.
25:3  Yet some have chosen to worship gods other than Him, gods who cannot create but are themselves created, who have no power to protect themselves from harm or benefit themselves, and who have no power over death, or life, or resurrection.
25:4  And the unbelievers say, "This is but a lie he has devised, made possible with the help of other people." In truth, they have committed injustice and falsehood.
25:5  They [also] say, "These are just legends of the ancients that he [directed to be] written down and dictated to him morning and evening."
25:6  Say, "It has been sent down by Him who knows [every] secret within the heavens and the earth. He is ever-forgiving and Merciful-to-all."
25:7  And they also say, "What sort of messenger eats food and walks in the markets? Should not at least an angel have been sent down to him, to help him with his warning?"
25:8  Or, "Why hasn't he been given a treasure?" Or, "Why he does not have a garden from which he eats?" And the unjust say, "The man you follow is simply bewitched."
25:9  Look at the examples they are using to describe you, [Prophet] but they have strayed and now cannot find their way.
25:10  Blessed is He Who, if He wishes, can give you [Prophet] better than these; Gardens with rivers flowing through them and can grant you palaces.
25:11  Denying that there is an Hour [of resurrection] is actually their main issue. [Hence], We have prepared a blazing fire for those who deny the Hour.
25:12  When [Hell] sees them from a distance, they will hear its fury and roaring,
25:13  and when they are thrown, shackled together, into a narrow place therein, they will pray for death.
25:14  [They will be told] "Do not pray today for one death, but pray for many deaths."
25:15  Say, "Is that [fate] better for you, or is the Garden of Eternity, which is promised to those that were ever mindful of God, better? For them, It will be a reward and a destination.
25:16  Where they can have whatever they wish forever. This is a binding promise from your Lord.
25:17  And on the Day He will gather them [the unjust] along with those they worship beside God, and [He] will say, "Was it you who misled My servants, or did they stray from the path by themselves?"
25:18  They will say, "May You be exalted in Your glory! It was not for us to take any protectors beside You. But You provided comforts for them and their fathers until they forgot your message and became a worthless people."
25:19  [God will say] "They [whom you claimed as divine], are refuting you and what you claim. Hence, you cannot avoid [punishment] or [find] help. And whoever commits injustice among you, We will make him suffer great punishment".
25:20  [Prophet] Every messenger we ever sent before you ate food and walked in the markets. But We have made some of you a test for others to see if you will be steadfast? For your Lord is ever insightful.
25:21  Those who do not expect that they are destined to meet Us say, "Why were not angels sent down to us, or [why] do we [not] see our Lord?" They have certainly become too proud of themselves and excessively insolent.
25:22  On the day they see the angels, there won't be any good news for those who denied God, and [the angels guarding the gate to paradise] will say, "Stop, stay out."
25:23  We will examine their deeds and scatter them like dust,
25:24  Meanwhile those who are destined for paradise will, on that Day, be securely settled in the best resting place.
25:25  The Day when heaven will split open with clouds [emerging], and the angels are sent down successively in streams.
25:26  True sovereignty, on that Day, will belong to the Merciful-to-all. For unbelievers, it will be a day of distress;
25:27  on that Day the one who was unjust to himself will bite his hands [in regret] and will say, "How I wish I had followed the way of the Messenger.
25:28  Woe to me! I wish I had not taken so and so as a friend.
25:29  He led me away from the remembrance [of God] after it had come to me. Satan, has always let man down."
25:30  The Messenger will say, "My Lord, This Qur'an was abandoned by my people,"
25:31  and thus have We assigned to every prophet an enemy; those, who force others to reject Our messages. But your Lord is sufficient as a guide and a helper.
25:32  And the unbelievers say, "Why was the Qur'an not sent to him in one single revelation?" [It was revealed in stages] so that We may strengthen your heart. And We revealed it in well-organized portions.
25:33  And every time they come to you with an argument, We will give you the [full] Truth and the best explanation.
25:34  As for those who are dragged facedown to Hell, they will be in the worst place as they are the most misguided from the path.
25:35  And We gave Moses the Book and appointed his brother Aaron to help him.
25:36  We said, "Go together to the people who have rejected Our signs." Then We destroyed them completely.
25:37  And the people of Noah-when they denied the messengers, We drowned them, and We made them a sign for people to come. And We have prepared a painful punishment for the unjust,
25:38  [And the people of] Aad and Thamud, the people of the Al Rass and many generations in between.
25:39  in each case, We, [warn them with] examples, and each We utterly destroyed.
25:40  They must surely have come upon the town that was showered with a horrible rain; have they not seen it? But they do not expect resurrection.
25:41  And whenever they see you [Prophet] they ridicule you, [saying], "Is this the one God sent as a messenger?
25:42  He would almost have misled us from our gods had we not stood firmly by them." But soon, when they see the punishment, they will know who is the most misguided.
25:43  Have you seen the one who has taken his own whims as his god? Are you responsible for him?
25:44  And do you think that most of them hear or understand? They are just like cattle; indeed, they are [even] more lost.
25:45  Have you not considered how your Lord lengthens the shadow [when], had He so willed, He could have made it stationary? [Instead], We have made the sun its guide,
25:46  and We draw it back toward us gradually.
25:47  It is He who made the night a veil for you and sleep for rest, and the day a time for rising.
25:48  And it is He who sends forth the winds, bringing good news of His mercy. And We send down from the sky pure water,
25:49  so that We may bring dead land to life and provide drink for the multitude of beings, animals and people, We have created.
25:50  Indeed, We have distributed it among them so that they might take heed, but most people continue in their denial of the truth.
25:51  And if We had willed, We could have sent a warner to every town,
25:52  so do not go along with the unbelievers, but strove hard against them with this [Qur'an)
25:53  He is the one who has merged the two seas, one fresh and sweet, the other salty and bitter, and He placed between them an insurmountable barrier.
25:54  He created human beings from water and made them kin by blood and marriage. Your Lord is able to do all things.
25:55  Yet, instead of God, they worship what can neither benefit nor harm them. The unbeliever is always biased, against his Lord.
25:56  We have sent you [Prophet] only to bring good news and deliver a warning.
25:57  Say, "I ask you no payment for doing this- only that whoever wills may take a path to his Lord."
25:58  Put your trust in the Everlasting who does not die, glorify Him and celebrate His praise. For it is sufficient that none knows His worshipers' sins as fully as does He
25:59  Who created the heavens and the earth and everything in between them in six days, and then established Himself above the Throne of His majesty- the Merciful-to-all! Ask about Him, then, the well informed.
25:60  Yet, when they are told, "Prostrate yourselves before the Merciful-to-all," they say, "And who is the 'Merciful-to-all'? Should we prostrate ourselves before whatever you order us [to worship]?" And they turn farther away.
25:61  Blessed is He who has placed constellations in the sky, a radiant light and glowing moon.
25:62  And It is He who has made night and day succeed each other, [revealing Himself to] for anyone who wishes to be mindful or show gratitude.
25:63  The worshipers of the Merciful-to-all are those who walk upon the earth with humility, and when the ignorant address them, reply with "peace";
25:64  those who spend the night prostrating themselves and standing before their Lord;
25:65  and those who say "Our Lord, spare us the punishment of Hell. Its punishment is dreadful;
25:66  It is an evil abode and resting-place."
25:67  They are those who, when they spend, are neither wasteful nor tightfisted, but maintain balanced spending habits,
25:68  [as well as] those who never invoke another god alongside God nor kill the soul that God has forbidden [to be killed], except in the pursuit of justice, nor commit unlawful sexual intercourse. Whoever does these things will face a penalty
25:69  that will be multiplied for him on the Day of Resurrection, and he will remain in humiliation forever,
25:70  except those who repent, believe and do righteous work, [in that case] God will replace their evil deeds with good ones for God is ever-forgiving and Merciful-to-all.
25:71  Whoever repents and acts righteously has truly returned to God in repentance.
25:72  Those who do not testify to falsehood, and, when they pass near ill speech, pass by with dignity;
25:73  and those who, when reminded of their Lord's revelations, do not turn a deaf ear or a blind eye;
25:74  and those who say, "Our Lord, give us joy in our spouses and offspring, and make us a good example for those who are ever mindful of You."
25:75  All of them will be awarded the highest paradise for what they patiently endured and they will be received with greetings of peace,
25:76  and will live there for eternity. What an excellent home and place of rest.
25:77  Say [to unbelievers], "What would my Lord care for you if not for your prayers to Him?" But since you have denied the truth as lies, [punishment] will inevitably befall you.