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25:1  Beware! whatever is in the skies and the earth is certainly Allah's. He indeed knows that on which you are, and the day they are returned to Him, He will inform them about that which they did, and Allah is the Knower of everything. (R 9)
25:2  Blessed is He Who sent down on His servant the distinction (between right and wrong), that he may be a warner for the worlds,
25:3  He, Whose is the kingdom of the skies and the earth. And He has not taken (anyone as) a son, and He has no partner in the kingdom. And He created everything then programmed for it a programme.
25:4  And they have taken gods besides Him who do not create anything while they themselves are created, and they do not control (even) for themselves any harm or profit nor do they control death nor life, nor (do they have the power of) raising the dead (to life).
25:5  And those who do not believe say, "This is nothing but a lie which he has forged and other people have helped him at it." Thus they have come up with injustice and falsehood.
25:6  And they say, "Stories of the ancient, which he has got written down as they are dictated to him morning and evening."
25:7  Say, "He Who knows the secrets of the skies and the earth has sent it down. He is certainly Protectively Forgiving, Merciful."
25:8  And they say, "What is (wrong with) this messenger, he eats food and walks in the markets? Why has not an angel been sent down to him so that he could be a warner along with him?
25:9  Or (why has not) a treasure been thrown down to him or (why is there no) garden for him from which he could eat?" And those who are unjust say, "You follow none but a man under the influence of magic."
25:10  See how they set forth similitude’s for you. Thus they have gone astray, therefore they will not be able to find the way.
25:11  Blessed is He, Who, if He wills, can make for you (something) better than that: Gardens beneath which rivers flow, and make for you palaces.
25:12  No, they deny the hour of doom, and We have prepared a blazing fire for him who denies the hour of doom.
25:13  When it sees them from a far off place, they will hear its fury and the sound of blazing fire.
25:14  And when they are thrown into a narrow place thereof, linked together, there they will pray for destruction.
25:15  (It will be said), "This day do not pray for a single destruction but pray for many destructions."
25:16  Say, "Is that better or the garden (meant) for staying, which is promised to those who guard (against evil)?" It is a reward for them as well as a destination.
25:17  They will stay (and) have therein, what they will for. It is a promise of your Fosterer which should be asked for.
25:18  And the day He will gather them and (all) that they served (worshipped) besides Allah, then He will say, "Was it you who misled these servants of Mine or they themselves went astray from the way?"
25:19  They will say, "Glory be to you! it was not for us to accept those turning to us, besides You, but You made them and their fathers enjoy to the extent that they forgot the reminder and (thus) became a lost people."
25:20  (It will be said), "So they have denied you regarding that which you say," then you will neither be able to turn away (the punishment) nor (will you get any) help, and whoever among you is unjust, We will make him taste a great punishment.
25:21  And We had not sent any messengers before you, but they ate food and walked in the markets. And We have made some of you a trial for others. Will you (bear with) patience? And your Fosterer is Seeing. (R 2, P 18)
25:22  And those who do not hope to meet Us say, "Why have not angels been sent down on us or (why) do we not see our Fosterer?" They are indeed proud of themselves and they revolted with a great revolt.
25:23  The day they will see the angels, on that day it will not be a good news for the criminals, and they will say, "(May we be) prevented (from that through some) prevention."
25:24  And We will turn to the work which they did, then We will make it as scattered dust.
25:25  On that day the place/time of stay of the inhabitants of the garden will be good, and their resting place the best.
25:26  And on that day the sky will be split with the clouds (coverings) and the angels will be sent down, descending.
25:27  The kingdom on that day, as a right, will be of the Beneficent (Allah), and the day will be difficult for the infidels.
25:28  And on that day the unjust will bite his hands saying, "I wish I had taken a way with the messenger.
25:29  O sorrowful is my state, I wish I had not taken such a one as a friend,
25:30  he has misled me from the reminder after it had come to me, and the devil is a traitor for man."
25:31  And the messenger says, "O my Fosterer ! my people have certainly taken this Quran as a forsaken thing."
25:32  And thus did We make for every prophet, an enemy from among the criminals, and your Fosterer is sufficient as a Guide and a Helper.
25:33  And those who do not believe say, "Why has not the whole Quran been sent down on him all at once?" Thus (We have not sent it down all at once) that We may make your heart firm through it, and (therefore) We have caused the Quran to be recited to you gradually (in portions, after) intervals .
25:34  And they do not come to you with any similitude (question or problem) but We give you the correct (answer) with the best explanation.
25:35  Those who will be gathered towards hell on their faces, those will be in an evil place and away from the way.
25:36  And We gave the book to Musa and We made his brother Harun responsible with him.
25:37  Then We said, "Both of you go to the people who have denied Our signs." Then We destroyed them (with a total) destruction.
25:38  And the people of Nuh, when they denied the messengers, We drowned them and We made them a sign for mankind. And We have prepared for those who are unjust, a painful punishment,
25:39  and (also for) Aad and Samood and the inhabitants of the Rass and many generations between them.
25:40  And for everyone We had set forth examples and everyone We destroyed (with a total) destruction.
25:41  And indeed they have passed by the town on which was rained an evil rain, did they not then see it? No, they do not hope to be raised (after death).
25:42  And when they see you, they do not take you for anything but mockery (saying), "Is this the one whom Allah has raised as a messenger?
25:43  He would have almost misled us from our gods had we not patiently adhered to them. And they will know when they" see the punishment, who is more astray from the way.
25:44  Have you seen him who takes his desire (as) his god, (he who follows only his desire and nothing else)? Then will you be a trustee over him?
25:45  Or do you think that the majority of them hears or understands? They are nothing but like cattle, no, they are more astray from the way.
25:46  Did you not consider (the work of) your Fosterer, how He stretches the shade (which ultimately ends in night)? And had He willed he could have made it stationary. Then We have made the sun its guide,
25:47  Then We draw it towards Ourselves, an easy in drawing.
25:48  And He it is Who has made the night a covering for you and the sleep a (source of) rest and He has made the day for rising up again.
25:49  And He it is Who sends the winds (giving) good news before His mercy, and We send down from the sky clean water,
25:50  that We may give life through it to a dead land and We make many cattle and human beings, whom We created, to drink it.
25:51  And We have repeated it among them that they may be mindful, but the majority of mankind refuses (everything) except infidelity.
25:52  And had We willed We would have raised a warner in every town.
25:53  So do not obey the infidels and strive against them with it ( the Quran), a great striving.
25:54  And He it is Who has let free the two seas, one that quenches thirst, sweet; and the other saltish, bitter. And He has made between them a barrier and prevented (them from getting mixed up, by a) prevention .
25:55  And He it is Who created man from water and has appointed for him blood relationships and marriage relationships and your Fosterer is Powerful.
25:56  And they serve (worship) besides Allah that which neither profits them nor harms them. And the infidel is one who helps against his Fosterer.
25:57  And We have not sent you except as a conveyer of good news and as a warner.
25:58  Say, "I do not ask you for a reward for this, except that whoever wills, he may take a way towards His Fosterer."
25:59  And put your trust in the Living Who does not die and glorify (Him) by praising Him, and He is sufficient as One informed of the sins of His servants.
25:60  (He it is) Who created the skies and the earth and that which is between these two in six days (periods) then He set the balance on the throne (of the universe), the Beneficent (Allah), so ask one who is informed about Him.
25:61  And when it is said to them, "Prostrate before the Beneficent (Allah)," they say, "And what is the Beneficent? Shall we prostrate before anything you enjoin on us?" And it increases their hatred.
25:62  Blessed is He Who has made galaxies in the sky and made in it (the sun as) a lamp, and a radiant moon (reflecting sun light).
25:63  And He it is Who has made the night and the day succeeding (each other) for one who intends to be mindful or intends to be grateful.
25:64  And the servants of the Beneficent (Allah) are those who walk on the earth in humility, and when the ignorant address them they say, "Peace."
25:65  And those who spend the night prostrating and standing before their Fosterer.
25:66  And those who say, "Our Fosterer! turn away from us the punishment of hell." Its punishment is certainly a lasting difficulty.
25:67  It is certainly an evil dwelling place/time for staying.
25:68  And those who, when they spend, are neither extravagant nor niggardly and their (spending) is established between these (two limits).
25:69  And those who do not pray to another (presumed) god along with Allah, and do not kill any person whose (killing) Allah has forbidden except in (the cause) of truth, and they do not commit adultery and whoever does that, he will meet (the punishment of his) sin.
25:70  The punishment will be doubled for him on the day of resurrection and he will stay therein, disgraced,
25:71  except he who repented and believed and did righteous work, then for them Allah will change their evil deeds to good deeds, and Allah is Protectively Forgiving, Merciful.
25:72  And he who repents and does righteous work, then he is certainly the one who turns to Allah in (true) repentance.
25:73  And those who do not witness falsehood, and when they pass by that which is vain, they pass by honourably.
25:74  And those who, when they are reminded through the signs of their Fosterer, do not fall down thereat (as if) deaf and blind.
25:75  And those who say, "Our Fosterer! grant to us through our wives and descendants comfort of the eyes and make us leaders of those who guard (against evil)."
25:76  Those will be rewarded with high places, because they were patient, and they will be met therein with greetings and peace.
25:77  They will stay therein, excellent will be the dwelling place/ time for staying.