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25:1  Blessed be He Who sent down the Criterion between right and wrong to His servant so that he be a warner to the worlds,
25:2  He to Whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and Who takes not to Himself a son. There be no ascribed associate with Him in the dominion. And He created everything and ordained it a foreordaining.
25:3  Yet they took gods to themselves other than Him who create nothing and are themselves created. And they neither possess for themselves hurt nor profit nor have they dominion over death, nor this life, nor rising up.
25:4  And those who were ungrateful said: This is nothing but a calumny he devised and other folk assisted him. So, surely, they brought about injustice and untruth.
25:5  And they said: Fables of the ancient ones that he caused to be written down! And they are to be related from memory to him at early morning dawn and eventide.
25:6  Say: It was caused to descend by He who knows the secret in the heavens and the earth. Truly, He had been Forgiving, Compassionate.
25:7  And they said: What Messenger is this that he eats food and walks in the markets? Why was an angel not caused to descend to him to be a warner with him?
25:8  Or why is not a treasure cast down to him or why is there not a garden for him so that he may eat from it? And the ones who are unjust said: You follow nothing but a bewitched man.
25:9  Look on how they propounded for thee parables for they went astray and are not able to find a way.
25:10  Blessed be He Who, had He willed, assigned for thee better than that, Gardens beneath which rivers run and He will assign for thee palaces.
25:11  Nay! They denied the Hour. And We made ready a blaze for whoever denied the Hour.
25:12  When it saw them from a far place, they heard it raging furiously and roaring.
25:13  And when they were cast down into it, a troubling place, ones who are chained, they called for damnation.
25:14  It will be said to them: Call not today for a single damnation, but call for many damnations!
25:15  Say: Is that better or the Garden of Infinity that was promised the ones who are Godfearing? It had been a recompense for them and a Homecoming.
25:16  For them in it will be whatever they will, ones who will dwell in it forever. That had been from thy Lord a promise, one that is besought.
25:17  And on the Day He will assemble them and what they worship other than God. To them He will say: Was it you who caused these My servants to go astray? Or went they astray from the way?
25:18  They would say: Glory be to Thee! It had not been fit and proper for us to take to ourselves any protectors other than Thee. But Thou hadst given them enjoyment and their fathers until they forgot the Remembrance and had been a lost folk.
25:19  So, surely, they denied you in what you say. Then, you will neither be able to turn away from it, nor help. And whoever does wrong among you, We will cause him to experience the great punishment.
25:20  And We sent not before thee any ones who are sent but that, truly, they eat food and walk in the markets. And We made some of you as a test for some others. Will you endure patiently, and thy Lord had been Seeing.
25:21  Those who hope not for a meeting with Us said: Why were angels not caused to descend to us and why see we not our Lord? Surely, they grew arrogant among themselves, defiant, turning in great disdain.
25:22  On a Day they will see the angels there will be no good tidings for the ones who sin. And they will say: Unapproachable! Banned!
25:23  We will advance on whatever actions they did. We will make them as scattered dust.
25:24  The Companions of the Garden on that Day will have the best resting place and the fairer place of noonday rest.
25:25  On a Day when heaven will be split open with the cloud shadows and the angels were sent down, a sending down successively,
25:26  on that Day the true dominion will belong to The Merciful. And it will be a Day difficult for the ones who are ungrateful.
25:27  And on a Day when one who is unjust will bite his hands, he will say: Would that I took myself to a way with the Messenger!
25:28  Ah! Woe is me! Would that I take not to myself so-and-so as a friend!
25:29  Certainly, he caused me to go astray from the Remembrance after it drew near me. And Satan had been a betrayer of the human being.
25:30  And the Messenger said: O my Lord! Truly, my folk took this, the Quran to themselves, as that which is to be abandoned!
25:31  And, thus, We assigned for every Prophet an enemy of the ones who sin. And thy Lord sufficed as one who guides and as a helper.
25:32  And those who were ungrateful said: Why was the Quran not sent down to him all at once? Thus, We will make firm thy mind by it. And We chanted a chanting.
25:33  And they bring thee no parable. We brought about The Truth to thee and fairer exposition.
25:34  Those who will be assembled on their faces in hell, those are worse placed, ones who go astray from the way.
25:35  And, certainly, We gave Moses the Book and assigned his brother Aaron to him as a minister.
25:36  And We said: You both go to the folk who denied Our signs. Then, We destroyed them, an utter destruction.
25:37  And the folk of Noah when they denied the Messengers, We drowned them. And We made them as a sign for humanity. And We made ready for the ones who are unjust a painful punishment,
25:38  and Ad and Thamud and the Companions of Rass and many generations in between that.
25:39  And We propounded parables for each of them. And We shattered each a shattering.
25:40  And, certainly, they approached the town where the reprehensible rain was rained down on them. Is it that they see it not? Nay! They had been not hoping for any rising up.
25:41  And when they saw thee, they take thee to themselves but in mockery: Is this the one whom God raised up as a Messenger?
25:42  He was about to cause us to go astray from our gods, if it were not that we endured patiently in them! And they will know at the time when they see the punishment, who is one who goes astray from the way.
25:43  Hadst thou considered him who took to himself his own desires as his god? Wouldst thou, then, be over him a trustee?
25:44  Or assume thou that most of them hear or are reasonable? They are not but as flocks. Nay! They are ones who go astray from a way.
25:45  Hast thou not considered how thy Lord stretched out the shade? If He willed, He would make it a place of rest. Again, We made the sun an indicator over it.
25:46  Again, We seized it to Us an easy seizing.
25:47  And it is He Who made the nighttime a garment for you and sleep a rest and made the daytime for rising.
25:48  And it is He Who sent the winds, bearers of good tidings in advance of His Mercy. And We caused to descend undefiled water from heaven
25:49  that We give life by it to a lifeless land and with it We satiate. We created flocks on it and many humans.
25:50  And, certainly, We diversified among them so that they recollect. Then, most of humanity refused everything, but disbelief.
25:51  And if We willed, We would have raised up a warner in every town.
25:52  So obey not the ones who are ungrateful and struggle against them thereby with a great struggle.
25:53  And it is He Who let forth the two seas—this, agreeable and water of the sweetest kind and this, salty, bitter. He made between the two that which was unapproachable, a banned barrier.
25:54  And it is He Who created a mortal from water and made for him kindred by blood and kin by marriage. And thy Lord had been ever Powerful.
25:55  And they worship other than God what neither profits them nor hurts them. And the one who is ungrateful had been ever a sustainer against his Lord.
25:56  And We sent thee not, but as one who gives good tidings and as a warner.
25:57  Say: I ask of you no compensation for this but that whoever willed should take himself on a way to his Lord.
25:58  And put thy trust in the Living Who is Undying and glorify His praise. And He sufficed to be aware of the impieties of His servants,
25:59  He Who created the heavens and the earth and whatever is between the two in six days, again, He turned His attention to the Throne. The Merciful! Ask the aware, then, about Him.
25:60  And when it was said to them: Prostrate yourselves to The Merciful, they said: And what is The Merciful? Will we prostrate ourselves to what thou hast commanded us? And it increased aversion in them.‡
25:61  Blessed be He Who made constellations in the heaven and made in it a light-giving lamp and an illuminating moon.
25:62  And He it is Who made the nighttime and the daytime to follow in succession for who wanted to recollect, or who wanted thankfulness.
25:63  And the servants of The Merciful are those who walk on the earth in meekness. And when the ones who are ignorant addressed them, they said: Peace!
25:64  And those who spend the night with their Lord as ones who prostrate themselves and are upright,
25:65  and those who say: Our Lord! Turn Thou away the punishment of hell from us. Truly, its punishment will be continuous torment.
25:66  How evil a habitation and resting place.
25:67  And those who, when they spent, neither exceed all bounds, nor are they tightfisted, but had been between that, a just stand:
25:68  Those who call not to another god with God nor kill the soul which God forbade but rightfully, nor commit adultery. And whoever disregards and commits this will meet sinfulness.
25:69  The punishment will be multiplied for him on the Day of Resurrection. And he will dwell in it forever, as one who is despised.
25:70  Whoever has repented and believed and whose actions were done as one in accord with morality, for those God will substitute for their evil deeds benevolence. And God had been Forgiving, Compassionate.
25:71  And whoever repented and did as one in accord with morality, he, truly, repents to God, turning in repentance.
25:72  And those who bear not witness to untruth and if they passed by idle talk, they passed by nobly,
25:73  and those who, when they were reminded of the signs of their Lord, fall not down unwilling to hear and unwilling to see
25:74  and those who say: Our Lord! Bestow on us from our spouses and our offspring the comfort of our eyes and make us leaders of the ones who are Godfearing,
25:75  those will be given recompense in the highest chambers because they endured patiently. They will be in receipt of greetings and peace,
25:76  ones who will dwell in it forever. Excellent it is for habitation and as a resting place!
25:77  Say: My Lord would not concern Himself with you if it had not been for your supplication, for, surely, you denied so it will be close at hand.