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25:1  Praise be to Allah and blessed be He Who has revealed to His servant -the Messenger Muhammad- the Quran which He sent down serving as the canon illuminating the intellect and imparting the soundness of judgement in the choice of means and ends and in the choice of what is normally good, honest and Straightforward. it conducts the Messenger to act as a spectacle and a warning to all intellectual created beings
25:2  (blessed be He) Who has the sovereignty, the supreme dominion and the supreme controlling power of the heavens and the earth. The Creator Who never allowed anyone to share His Sovereignty or His divine nature. He created the whole and all in all, and each and all He has computed in due proportion to satisfy individual needs and to attain a certain object and a precise purpose
25:3  Yet they -the infidels- never deviated into sense and they went further and fared worse by taking false gods besides Allah, objects of worship who and/or which can create nothing -animate or inanimate-; in fact they themselves were created. Furthermore, they have no power to control their own destiny nor can they defend themselves against what is destined to do them harm nor stop what is meant to profit them nor do they have the power to give life nor to cause death -in the divine manner- nor can they effect Resurrection
25:4  And the infidels go on to stay: "This -the Quran- is a pack of lies and a pious fraud which he -Muhammad- has devised with the help of others -Ahl AL- Kitab- (people of the book) and he deceitfully uses it for the advancement of his religion. How wrongful can they get and how unjust and impudent can they be to cause what is true to be rejected as false
25:5  And they designate the divine discourse a fictitious narrative and say: "Tales of those of old which he -the Messenger- reduced to writing as they are dictated to him morning and evening
25:6  Say to them: "This Quran is a divine discourse revealed to man from the realm of heaven; it is sent down by Him Who is Omniscient of the mysteries of the heavens and the earth. He has always been Ghafurun (Forgiving), and Rahimun (Merciful)."
25:7  And they foolishly say: "What kind of a Messenger is this who eats food and moves about and comes and goes from place to place on foot!" "if only an angel be sent down to accompany him and share his duty and help him accomplish his purpose of warning people against infidelity."
25:8  "Or a treasure were sent down to him from heaven or an orchard put in his possession to use as a source of food. This is besides the allegation of the wrongful who say to those who think alike: "You simply follow a man who has witchcraft on his lips and you foolishly hang on to them."
25:9  Look how they describe you O Muhammad in -irrelevant- similies reflecting deviation of mind and thought that they are unable to strike on the path of truth guiding into all truth
25:10  Blessed be He and exalted are His glorious attributes Who is Omnipotent enough to provide you if He will with what is far better than that they describe -gardens beneath which-rivers flow- and to confer on you gratuitously ownership of palaces
25:11  But they went further and fared worse. They denied the predetermined Final Hour. However, We have prepared for those who deny the Day of Judgement the fierce blazes of Hell
25:12  No sooner do they come within the range of its sight than they hear its roaring under the influence of rage, heaving sighs of woe for the evil that shall befall the
25:13  And when they are cast in its grim confines bound to their kind, and their feet chained to their necks they shall invoke extinction and wish they could perish
25:14  But they are told: "Do not invoke extinction once but invoke it repeatedly"
25:15  Say to them: "Is this troublesome and distressing situation better or the garden of Eternity –Paradise- promised to those in whose hearts reigns piety! the garden which Allah has set apart for the requital of those faithful to Him, and He has determined that it shall be their destination
25:16  The garden wherein they shall have whatever object of desire affording pleasure and satisfaction. Any wish they express in words or in thought will be instantly fulfilled, For they will have passed through nature to Eternity; a promise Allah binds Himself to, and treats as an obligation
25:17  And in Day of Judgement when He throngs them together with those objects - animate or inanimate- they worshipped, He shall question those gods: "Did you mislead these servants of Mine, or did they stray from the prescribed path of their own accord"
25:18  " Glory be to you. "O Allah", they shall say, and extolled are Your glorious attributes. How could we! when it is not at all befitting to take tutelary guardians besides You! The truth is that you O Allah granted these people together with their fathers comfort and enjoyment and all that advantaged them of Your blessings in life until they forgot to apply remembrance to You and became oblivious of divine revelation. And by consequence they had sealed their own fate and deserved destruction
25:19  Then the infidels shall be told: "You see, your gods have accused you of falsehood and want of conformity to fact and by consequence you shall not escape the torment nor can you be afforded help. And now a warning is issued to all, Thus, you people at large must know that he who is wrongful of actions shall taste the torment laid upon the damned
25:20  We never sent Messengers before you O Muhammad but were human who ate food and could not survive without alimentation and they moved about from place to place on foot. We also tested the people by exposing opposites -contrary in nature, character, tendency, status, wealth- to each other and those with thoughts of sedition in one toward another. Therefore, will you people -who have conformed to Islam- be persistent, constant and unwearied in the face of difficulties and hindrances and exercise patience! Your Creator is Bassirun (Omnipresent Whose constant vigilance has always been extended to all His creatures.
25:21  And those who do not entertain the thought and belief of meeting with Us in Day of Judgement insolently and defiantly say: "If only the angels would be sent down to us or we could distinctly perceive Allah, our Creator, by sight!" They are extravagant in their accounts of themselves. They display inordinate self- esteem and insolently persist in disobedience and in false pride and bury exhortation in oblivion
25:22  But the day they see the angels, no joyful tidings shall there be to the wicked who had been given to sin. "You infidels, say the angels, created an impassable barrier between yourselves and Allah's mercy, a barrier which shuts you up in this vast dungeon emitting the torment laid upon the damned"
25:23  And We apply Ourselves to all that they did and accomplished in life and reduce it together with their infidelity based hope springing eternal in their breasts to a worthless waste as if it were dust dissipated in the wind or mist dispelled by dispersion
25:24  Whereas the occasion for those destined to win Paradise shall be a great occasion. A deep joy settles on their spirits for the splendid and stately abode where they repose and live in splendour
25:25  The Day shall come when the heavens break into fissures and so do the cumulative clouds -which have gathered from the immense explosions and disruption emblematic of the Final Hour- and the angels are sent down in rows and ranks
25:26  There and then shall the true Sovereign Authority and the true meaningful and supreme control be exclusively that of Allah, AL-Rahman. What a day it shall be for those who professed infidelity! a day of extreme difficulties, miseries and hardships
25:27  This is the day the wrongful of actions shall bite his hands to intimate regret for all that he had done and for what he had left undone; he will wish he had taken the same path taken by the Messenger
25:28  And he adds: "Woe betide me, I wish I did not take such a man for a friend"
25:29  "He misled me and caused my loss in the maze of error and made me reject and neglect the divine and noble discourse which came to my door. Indeed, AL-Shaytan (Satan) seduces man and betrays him to his fall"
25:30  And there shall the Messenger express to Allah, his Creator his discontent at his people; he says now as he said earlier in life below "O Allah my Creator, I presented to my people Your divine message but my people took a dislike to Your divine discourse -the Quran- and they rejected it as a groundless fiction, and what they formed in their minds they exhibited in action"
25:31  Thus We applied to every prophet some enemies from the transgressors against the divine law who are characterized by satanic attributes. But enough is Allah, your Creator to be the guide -to whom He will- and to afford help -to whom He will-
25:32  Again the infidels say: "If only the Quran were revealed to him all at once!" But We reveal it in this manner -gradual growth- to lay it to your heart and establish it firmly so that it prevails upon you O Muhammad and you be confirmed in opinion, action and purpose and We peruse it slowly and We take Our time
25:33  Nor do they present you with challenging questions and unreasonable objections but We present you with the truth and the best explanation meeting their objections and their arguments
25:34  These are they who shall be thronged in Day of Judgement dragged on their faces in chains to take their abode in Hell. These are they who have assumed the worst position in society here and Hereafter and have chosen the worst path which has sealed their fate
25:35  They are not different from those to whom We sent Mussa (Moses). We gave Mussa the Book -AL-Tawrah (The Torah)- and We supported him with his brother Harun (Aaron) whom We appointed a minister to be helpful and conducive to his brother to accomplish his mission
25:36  And We said to them: Go both of you to the people who have denied Our revelations and treated Our divine authoritative signs as falsehood. We reduced them to a useless for
25:37  And the people of Nuh (Noah) who treated the Messengers as imposters, We drowned them and made of them an example and a deterrent to the people, wherefore We have prepared for the wrongful of actions -and refuse to repent- the torment laid upon the damned
25:38  Born to it, and met with a similar destiny were the people of 'Aad -the 'Adites-, the people of Thamud -the Thamudites- and the people of the Rass (possibly the people of Sh'aib of Madyan) and many generations in between who sealed their fate
25:39  And to each and all of them did We discourse parables by which moral and spiritual relations are typically set forth. We set examples of typical instances forming a particular case of a principle. We set examples some relative to action and conduct that induce imitation and others to serve as a warning and each and all We reduced in the end to a useless from
25:40  In fact they* in their commercial travels have come repeatedly by the town -of Lut (Lot)- which was showered with the direful rain, but they simply passed by with their minds' eyes closed. It makes you wonder did they not see it!, No, but they do not entertain the fact of Resurrection nor do they regard it with fear should it be true
25:41  And as usual their pride gets the better of their prudence. and when they see you, O Muhammad they insolently receive you with nothing but disdain and scorn riding sparkling in their eyes and they express their thoughts in words: "Is this the one", they say " whom Allah has chosen to convey His message!"
25:42  "He almost succeeded", they add, "in influencing our thoughts against our gods and he nearly made us err and our sober wishes almost learned to stray, had it not been for our firmness and constancy". But on the day they are confronted with the torment laid upon the damned they shall then realize who had been lost in the blind mazes of entangled wood
25:43  Do you see O Muhammad the one whose ruling passion conquers reason and he refers his Ilah to the region of emotions! Do you think you will be responsible for his behaviour or for his inclination! You are only a spectacle and a warning
25:44  Or do you think that most of them open their hearts' ears or their minds' eyes! they are like cattle, in fact even worse, for the only path they see is that leading to the loss in the maze of errors
25:45  Do you not see how Allah, your Creator, prolonged and lengthened the shadow of any object intercepting the sun or other luminary! Had He willed He would have made it still, and We made the sun the indication asserting the phenomenon, its presence and its dimension
25:46  And then We reduce it to a smaller compass and make it gradually disappear - having been made to contract and vanish by the same invisible hand that made it and creaked it-
25:47  And He is it Who made the night a vestment, and black was the colour chosen to absorb all light and sleep -the medicine to weariness and the repairer of decay- a repose -which if profound suggests death- and We made the day a phase of revival and resurrection of activity
25:48  And it is He Who sends forth the winds as a forerunner of His mercy heralding a joyful event, -rain, vegetation, fertilization- and We send down from the floor of the vault of heaven pure fresh water
25:49  Fresh water- with which We revive the dead land of a given town and supply drinking-water to the living among Our creation including cattle and a great many human beings
25:50  And We dispersed it among the whole so that they apply their hearts to wisdom and their remembrance to Allah. But most people decline to choose but ungratefulness, disobedience and infidelity
25:51  And had We willed We would have sent to the people of every town a spectacle and a warning
25:52  Therefore, do not yield O Muhammad to the infidels and wage against them spiritual warfare by the divine means -the Quran- But should they wage war against you, then fight back by physical means
25:53  And He is it Who sent the waters of the two seas flowing together, one fresh and sweet and the other salty and bitter and between both He installed an invisible partition which serves as an impassable barrier (the fresh water floats above the salty and there are laws that govern the separation and the depth)
25:54  And He is it Who brought into being, out of a watery liquid*, a human and made him evolve lineal descent and join affinity with others, and Allah, your Creator, has always been Qadirun (Omnipotent
25:55  And yet they -some people- adore besides Allah with appropriate acts and rites those who do not profit them nor harm them. But the infidel has always been a physical and spiritual help corroborating and substantiating disobedience to Allah and advocating the evil practiced by AL-Shaytan and by those with characteristics befitting him
25:56  Nonetheless, We only sent you O Muhammad to the people as a spectacle and a warning
25:57  Say to them -the infidels-: "I do not charge you a price for imparting to you Allah's disclosures of divine knowledge, wisdom and practical divinity, my only reward is to see the one who has decided to open his heart's ears and his mind's eyes and sets himself on the path of righteousness, the path that leads directly to Allah."
25:58  And rely O Muhammad on the Eternal Who does not die and praise Him and extol His glorious attributes, and enough is He to be fully acquainted with His servants' faults and wrongful actions
25:59  Praise be to Him Who created the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them and brought them into existence in six days* determined by His own unit of time and proclaimed in His calendar, then He set Himself on the throne of supremacy and dominion and of grace and mercy, AL-Rahman, as He is, Whose attributes you may learn when seeking information from Him, the One who knows, Who is Khabirun (Omniscient) of the whole and of all in all
25:60  And when they -the infidels- are asked to prostrate their reason to divine revelation and to Him AL-Rahman, they insolently and defiantly ask: "Who is AL- Rahman! Shall we prostrate in reverence and submission to an object of worship just because you enjoin us to do so". Their statement accords with their actions They withdraw further and their mental attitude is an incitement to their aversion
25:61  Praise be to Him and extolled are His glorious attributes Who installed in the heavens a belt of the celestial sphere divided into twelve equal Parts - signs of the Zodiac*- through one of which the sun passes each month (the belt extends 8 or 9 degrees on both sides of the ecliptic within which the apparent motions of the sun, moon and principle planets take place). He installed therein a lamp, the sun glowing for illumination and a moon earth's satellite dispersing light to dispel the darkness of the nigh
25:62  And He is it who caused the night and the day to follow one upon another and occur in succession**, a phenomenon inciting him who wishes to ponder the marvels of Allah and keep Him in mind lifting to Him his inward sight, wishing to actuate himself with gratitude and gratefulness
25:63  And how richly rewarded shall be: a) The worshippers of Allah who observe religious acts of worship enjoined by AL-Rahman; they walk on earth softly, gently and in humility. When addressed by the insolent and impudent whose imprudence gets the better of them, they answer them with the expression of good will «Peace»
25:64  b) Who spend a good part of the night prostrating their reason to divine revelation and in adoration of Allah, their Creator, lifting to Him their inward sight. They stand in awe of Him and entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him
25:65  c) Who express their thoughts in their invocatory prayer, thus: «Save us and protect us O Allah, our Creator, from the torment of Hell, for its torment is indeed painfully distressing and moves to horror»
25:66  How evil it is for an abode and-how evil it is for a habitation
25:67  d) The worshippers who are neither extravagant nor niggardly; when they spend they do not play the prodigal nor do they act parsimoniously, but they use a mean
25:68  e) The worshippers who do not invoke besides Allah another ilah nor do they deprive anyone of life Allah has made sacred, unless it be justified for a proved crime, nor do they commit adultery -in conduct-. He who commits himself to such an evil line of conduct shall pay heavily for these sinful acts
25:69  His punishment shall be doubled in Day of Judgement when he will have passed through nature to eternal suffering incensed by multiplied wrongs and humiliations
25:70  Unless he has repented -earlier - and imprinted his heart with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and his deeds with wisdom and piety. Such persons shall Allah exchange their evil deeds for pious and virtuous deeds, and Allah has always been Ghafurun and Rahimu
25:71  For, he who repents and views his past actions with dissatisfaction and regret and imprints his deeds with wisdom and piety will have in lowliest plight repentant stood and will have turned faithfully to Allah
25:72  f) The worshippers who do not give false evidence nor listen to it, and should they come upon someone whose mouth is full of loud futilities or upon people indulging in personal vanities or in a discourse as futile in effect as it is feeble in principle, they pass by withdrawing nicely and with self- sustained dignity
25:73  g) The worshippers who have hearts and minds submissive to Allah. When they are reminded of Allah`s revelations, marvels and authoritative signs they do not fall upon them with closed ears and eyes but they open their hearts` ears and their minds` eyes
25:74  h) The worshippers Who invoke Allah to give them wives and progeny who make their eyes speak content and to this effect they pray thus: «we pray and beseech You O Allah, our Creator, to grace us with wives and progeny whom we view with concord and content, and make of us models or exemplars of righteousness inducing imitation by those who lift to You their inward sight
25:75  These -with all the above-mentioned attributes combined - are they who are destined to receive the richest reward. They shall occupy the high and mighty region in Paradise -Garden of Eden- the epithet of dignity and great honour. This is in token of their patience, forbearance and endurance. Therein they shall be received with hearty welcome and greeted with the best expressions of good will and shall rest eternally assured of peace and security
25:76  Wherein they will have passed through nature to Eternity. How excellent it is for an abode and how excellent it is for a place to settle in
25:77  Say O Muhammad -to the infidels- Allah, my Creator, would not in fact care for you nor attach importance or weight to you had it not been for the few among you who pray and beseech Him for mercy and forgiveness. You have denied the truth and your transgression shall be laid to your charge and you shall have much to answer for