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81:1  When the sun is folded up.
81:2  And when the stars crash down.
81:3  And when the mountains are moved away.
81:4  And when the she-camel ready to give birth is abandoned.
81:5  And when the wild beasts are flocked together.
81:6  And when the oceans merge into one another.
81:7  And when the souls are reunited.
81:8  And when the buried-alive infant female is questioned;
81:9  for what sin she was killed?
81:10  And when the books of deeds are brought forth in the open.
81:11  And when the firmament is erased.
81:12  And when the hellfire is poked to blaze.
81:13  And when the garden is brought close.
81:14  Then every soul will know for certain that which it had put forth.
81:15  So I do swear by the Khunnas [heavy and slow-moving night particles].
81:16  And by the flowing Kunnas [light and fast-moving day particles].
81:17  And by the night when its darkness comes along.
81:18  And by the dawn when it breathes out.
81:19  Truly it surely is word of a messenger, most gracious,
81:20  possessor of power, firmly established in the presence of the Lord of the Throne,
81:21  one who is obeyed thereat and is well trusted.
81:22  And your companion is not a madman.
81:23  And he indeed saw him in the horizon the most evident.
81:24  And he is not stingy over [the knowledge of] the unseen.
81:25  Nor is it a word of a pelted Satan.
81:26  So where are you going?
81:27  It is but a reminder for the worlds.
81:28  For anyone amongst you who wishes to stand upright.
81:29  But it will not be as you please except if Allah pleases, Lord of the worlds.