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81:1  When the sun has been extinguished,
81:2  when the stars slip out of place,
81:3  when the mountains travel along,
81:4  when ten-month pregnant camels are neglected,
81:5  when wild beasts are herded together,
81:6  when the seas overflow,
81:7  when souls are reunited [with similar ones],
81:8  when the buried girl is asked
81:9  for what offence she has been killed,
81:10  when scriptures are unrolled,
81:11  when the sky is stripped bare,
81:12  when Hades is set blazing,
81:13  when the Paradise is brought close,
81:14  each soul shall know what it has prepared!
81:15  So I swear by the planets [that recede]
81:16  and the ones that are moving, sweeping along,
81:17  and night as it draws on,
81:18  and morning when it breathes again,
81:19  it is a statement by a generous messenger
81:20  possessing strength established by the One Enthroned
81:21  Who is to be Obeyed and more than that is Trustworthy.
81:22  Your companion is not crazy!
81:23  He saw him on the clear horizon;
81:24  nor was he grudging about the Unseen.
81:25  Nor is it a statement [made] by some outcast Satan.
81:26  So where are you (all) heading for?
81:27  It is merely a Reminder to [everyone in] the Universe.
81:28  So anyone of you who wishes may go straight.
81:29  Yet you will only wish whatever Allah (God), Lord of the Universe, may wish. Burning Apart Part 30 587