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81:1  When the sun folds!
81:2  When the stars fade away!
81:3  When the mountains vanish!
81:4  When the full-term, pregnant camels are abandoned!
81:5  When the wild beasts herd together!
81:6  When the oceans are swollen!
81:7  When the souls are paired [with their bodies]!
81:8  When the baby girl, buried alive, is questioned…
81:9  …for what crime she was killed!
81:10  When the scrolls are laid open!
81:11  When the sky is stripped!
81:12  When Hell is ignited!
81:13  When Paradise is presented!
81:14  Each soul will then know what it has forwarded.
81:15  Truly, I [the Lord] attest by the planets that recede,…
81:16  …orbit, and set.
81:17  [I attest by] the night as it dissipates…
81:18  …and the dawn as it breathes.
81:19  Truly, this is the statement of a most honorable messenger [the angel Gabriel].
81:20  [He is] empowered and honored before the Lord of the Throne.
81:21  [He is] respectful and faithful.
81:22  Also, your companion [the Prophet] is not possessed [of an evil spirit].
81:23  Without a doubt, he saw (Gabriel) on the horizon, clearly.
81:24  (The Prophet) does not withhold knowledge of the unseen.
81:25  It is not the word of Satan, the condemned.
81:26  Where will you go?
81:27  This is no less than a message to the worlds.
81:28  [It is] for whoever among you will go straight.
81:29  You cannot plan except as Allah wills. [He is] the Lord of the Worlds.