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81:1  When the sun is rolled up
81:2  and when the stars are dimmed
81:3  and when the mountains are move
81:4  and when the ten months pregnant camels are abandone
81:5  and when the wild animals are gathere
81:6  and when the seas are set on fir
81:7  and when the souls are paired
81:8  and when the girl buried alive is aske
81:9  for what sin she was kille
81:10  and when the pages (of deeds) are opene
81:11  and when the sky is remove
81:12  and when the hellfire is flared u
81:13  and when the garden is brought near
81:14  a person knows what he brought along
81:15  So I swear by the returning stars/planets
81:16  running their course (and orbit) and hiding,
81:17  and by the night when it turns dar
81:18  and by the morning when it breathes (and lights up)
81:19  indeed it (Quran) is word of a noble messenger
81:20  powerful and distinguished with the owner of the throne
81:21  he is obeyed and is honest
81:22  And your companion is not a madman
81:23  and he has certainly seen him on the clear horizon
81:24  And he is not stingy with the unseen (that is revealed to him)
81:25  and it is not word of expelled Satan
81:26  So where are you going
81:27  It is not but a reminder for humankind
81:28  for anyone of you who want to go straight
81:29  And you do not want (anything) except that which God, Master of humankind wants