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81:1  When the sun is made to wind up ,
81:2  and when the stars become hazy ,
81:3  and when the mountains are moved away,
81:4  and when camels with ten months' pregnancy are left off,
81:5  and when wild animals are brought together ,
81:6  and when the oceans are flooded ,
81:7  and when the souls are paired (probably with their respective bodies),
81:8  and when the female child buried alive is asked
81:9  for what sin she was killed,
81:10  and when the pages are spread,
81:11  and when the sky has its covering removed,
81:12  and when the hell is kindled,
81:13  and when the garden is brought near,
81:14  (every) soul (everyone) will know what (deeds) it has brought for presentation.
81:15  So I do swear by those that withdraw,
81:16  those that move swiftly, hiding ,
81:17  and the night when it comes (and goes),
81:18  and the morning when it breathes (and makes us conscious),
81:19  it is certainly the word of an honoured messenger (Jibreel),
81:20  possessor of power, established in the presence (of Allah) to Whom belongs the throne,
81:21  one to be obeyed, and with it trustworthy.
81:22  And your companion (Muhammed) is not possessed by jinn.
81:23  And he (Muhammed) saw him (Jibreel) on the clear horizon.
81:24  And he is not a miser concealing (information) of the unseen.
81:25  And it is not the word of the cursed devil.
81:26  So in' which direction are you all going?
81:27  The (Quran) is nothing but a reminder to the worlds,
81:28  for him among you who wills to be upright.
81:29  And you do not will unless Allah, the Fosterer of the worlds, wills.