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81:1  When the sun is rolled up
81:2  When the stars are dimmed
81:3  When the mountains are set in motion
81:4  When the relationships are suspended
81:5  When the beasts are gathered
81:6  When the oceans are set aflame
81:7  When the souls are paired
81:8  When the girl, buried alive, is asked
81:9  For what crime was she killed
81:10  When the records are made public
81:11  When the sky is peeled away
81:12  When the Fire is set ablaze
81:13  When Paradise is brought near
81:14  Each soul will know what it has readied
81:15  I swear by the galaxies
81:16  Precisely running their courses
81:17  And by the night as it recedes
81:18  And by the morn as it breathes
81:19  This is the speech of a noble messenger
81:20  Endowed with power, eminent with the Lord of the Throne.
81:21  Obeyed and honest
81:22  Your friend is not possessed
81:23  He saw him on the luminous horizon
81:24  And He does not withhold knowledge of the Unseen
81:25  And it is not the word of an accursed devil
81:26  So where are you heading
81:27  It is only a Reminder to all mankind
81:28  To whoever of you wills to go straight
81:29  But you cannot will, unless God wills—The Lord of the Worlds