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81:1  When the sun is folded up
81:2  And when the stars darken
81:3  And when the mountains shall be set in motion
81:4  And when the pregnant camels shall be neglected
81:5  And when the wild beasts shall be herded together
81:6  And when the seas boil over
81:7  And when the souls are reunited (like with like)
81:8  And when the girl-child buried alive is asked
81:9  For what sin she was slain
81:10  And when the scrolls (of the deeds of mankind) are spread
81:11  And when the heaven shall be unveiled,
81:12  And when Hell is set ablaze
81:13  And when the Garden is brought nigh (for the righteous)
81:14  Every soul shall (then) know what it has produced (of its deeds
81:15  No, I swear by the orbiting planets
81:16  That run their course, (and) set
81:17  And (by) the night when it ends
81:18  And (by) the morning when it breathes
81:19  Surely it is the word of a gracious Messenger,
81:20  Endowed with power in the presence of the Lord of the Universe
81:21  One (to be) obeyed, moreover faithful in trust
81:22  And (O people) your companion (Our Messenger) is not mad
81:23  Indeed he saw him (angel Gabriel) on the clear horizon
81:24  And he does not withhold concerning the unseen
81:25  Nor is it the word of the accursed Satan
81:26  Whither then will you go
81:27  Surely it (the Qur`an) is naught but a Reminder to (all) the worlds
81:28  For whoever of you who would go straigh
81:29  But you cannot will, except as Allah wills, the Lord of the Worlds