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81:1  WHEN the sun shall be FOLDED UP
81:2  And when the stars shall fall
81:3  And when the mountains shall be set in motion
81:4  And when the she-camels shall be abandoned
81:5  And when the wild beasts shall be gathered together
81:6  And when the seas shall boil
81:7  And when souls shall be paired with their bodies
81:8  And when the female child that had been buried alive shall be aske
81:9  For what crime she was put to death
81:10  And when the leaves of the Book shall be unrolled
81:11  And when the Heaven shall be stripped away
81:12  And when Hell shall be made to blaze
81:13  And when Paradise shall be brought near
81:14  Every soul shall know what it hath produced
81:15  It needs not that I swear by the stars of retrograde motion
81:16  Which move swiftly and hide themselves away
81:17  And by the night when it cometh darkening on
81:18  And by the dawn when it brighteneth
81:19  That this is the word of an illustrious Messenger
81:20  Endued with power, having influence with the Lord of the Throne
81:21  Obeyed there by Angels, faithful to his trust
81:22  And your compatriot is not one possessed by djinn
81:23  For he saw him in the clear horizon
81:24  Nor doth he grapple with heaven's secrets
81:25  Nor doth he teach the doctrine of a cursed Satan
81:26  Whither then are ye going
81:27  Verily, this is no other than a warning to all creatures
81:28  To him among you who willeth to walk in a straight path
81:29  But will it ye shall not, unless as God willeth it, the Lord of the worlds