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81:1  When the sun is folded up
81:2  And when the stars do fall
81:3  And when the mountains are moved
81:4  And when the she-camels ten months gone with young shall be neglected
81:5  And when the beasts shall be crowded together
81:6  And when the seas shall surge up
81:7  And when souls shall be paired with bodies
81:8  And when the child who was buried alive shall be aske
81:9  for what sin she was slain
81:10  And when the pages shall be spread out
81:11  And when the heaven shall be flayed
81:12  And when hell shall be set ablaze
81:13  And when Paradise shall be brought nigh
81:14  The soul shall know what it has produced
81:15  I need not swear by the stars that slink back
81:16  moving swiftly, slinking into their dens
81:17  Nor by the night when darkness draws on
81:18  Nor by the morn when it first breathes up
81:19  Verily, it is the speech of a noble apostle
81:20  mighty, standing sure with the Lord of the throne
81:21  obeyed and trusty too
81:22  Your comrade is not mad
81:23  he saw him on the plain horizon
81:24  nor does he grudge to communicate the unseen
81:25  Nor is it the speech of a pelted devil
81:26  Then whither do ye go
81:27  It is but a reminder to the worlds
81:28  to whomsoever of you pleases to go straight:
81:29  but ye will not please, except God, the Lord of the world, should please