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81:1  When the sun shall be darkened
81:2  when the stars shall be thrown down
81:3  when the mountains shall be set moving
81:4  when the pregnant camels shall be neglected
81:5  when the savage beasts shall be mustered
81:6  when the seas shall be set boiling
81:7  when the souls shall be coupled
81:8  when the buried infant shall be aske
81:9  for what sin she was slain
81:10  when the scrolls shall be unrolled
81:11  when heaven shall be stripped off
81:12  when Hell shall be set blazing
81:13  when Paradise shall be brought nigh
81:14  then shall a soul know what it has produced
81:15  No! I swear by the slinkers
81:16  the runners, the sinkers
81:17  by the night swarming
81:18  by the dawn sighing
81:19  truly this is the word of a noble Messenge
81:20  having power, with the Lord of the Throne secure
81:21  obeyed, moreover trusty
81:22  Your companion is not possessed
81:23  he truly saw him on the clear horizon
81:24  he is not niggardly of the Unseen
81:25  And it is not the word of an accursed Satan
81:26  where then are you going
81:27  It is naught but a Reminder unto all beings
81:28  for whosoever of you who would go straight
81:29  but will you shall not, unless God wills, the Lord of all Being