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8:1  They ask you about extras (left in war), say: “Extras are for God and the messenger. So be cautious of God and set the matters right between you, and obey God and His messenger if you are believers.”
8:2  Believers are only those who when God is mentioned, their hearts tremble, and when His signs are read to them, it increases their belief and they put their trust in their Lord,
8:3  those who perform mandatory prayer and spend out of what We have provided for them.
8:4  They are the true believers. They have ranks with their Lord and forgiveness and a noble provision.
8:5  As your Lord rightly made you (Muhammad) go out of your home (for the battle of Badr), while indeed a group of the believers disliked it.
8:6  They argue with you about the truth after it was made clear, as if they are driven to death while they are watching.
8:7  And (remember) when God promised you that one of the two groups will be yours, and you liked the unarmed (group) to be yours, while God wanted to prove the truth with His words and to cut off the root of the disbelievers.
8:8  So that He proves the truth and eliminates the falsehood, even if the guilty ones dislike it.
8:9  (Remember) when you asked for your Lord’s help and He answered you: “I am your helper with one thousand angels following each other.”
8:10  God only made it as good news and to reassure your hearts with it. Help (and victory) is only from God. God is indeed powerful and wise.
8:11  And (remember) when He made you doze off as (a sign of) security from Him, and sent down rain from the sky to cleanse you with it, and to remove Satan’s filth from you, and to reinforce your hearts, and to firm up the footsteps with it.
8:12  (Remember) when your Lord revealed to the angels: “I am with you, so strengthen the believers, I am going to put fear into the hearts of those who disbelieve, so strike them above the neck, and chop off all their fingertips.”
8:13  That is because they opposed God and His messenger, and whoever opposes God and His messenger, then indeed God is severe in punishment.
8:14  That is how it is, so taste it, and the punishment of fire is for disbelievers.
8:15  You who believe, when you encounter those who disbelieve advancing (in battle), do not turn your backs to them (to flee).
8:16  Anyone who turns his back to them on such a day, except to return back for fight or to retreat to join other troops, has indeed incurred the anger of God and his place will be hell, a miserable destination.
8:17  You did not kill them, but God killed them, and you did not shoot when you shot, but God shot. He gives the believers a good gift from Himself. God hears all and knows all.
8:18  That is how it is, and God weakens the plot of disbelievers.
8:19  If you look for victory, indeed the victory has come to you, but if you stop (hostilities), that is better for you. If you return (to your old ways), We also return (and will not help you), and your forces will never be of benefit to you at all, no matter how numerous. And God is with the believers.
8:20  You who believe, obey God and His messenger, and do not turn away from him while you hear (him).
8:21  And do not be like those who said we hear, while they do not listen.
8:22  The worst creatures in God’s view are the deaf and dumb who do not understand.
8:23  If God knew of any good in them, He would make them listen, and (even) if He made them listen, they would turn back and they avoid (the truth).
8:24  You who believe, answer the call of God and His messenger when he calls you to what gives you life, and know that God comes between the person and his heart (his desires), and you will be gathered to Him.
8:25  And be cautious of a trial that does not exclusively happen to those who did wrong among you. And know that God is severe in punishment.
8:26  And remember when you were only a few, weak in the land, afraid that people may kidnap you, then He sheltered you and He supported you with His help, and provided you with the good things so that you may be thankful.
8:27  You who believe, do not betray God and the messenger, and do not betray your trusts while you know that.
8:28  And know that your wealth and children are a test, and indeed the great reward is with God.
8:29  You who believe, if you are cautious of God, He puts a criterion (of right and wrong) for you and removes your sins from you and forgives you. God has enormous grace.
8:30  And (remember) when those who disbelieved plotted against you to imprison you or to kill you or to drive you out, and they plotted and God planned and God is the best planner.
8:31  And when Our signs are read to them, they say: “We have certainly heard, if we want, we will say similar to this, this is nothing but stories of the earlier ones.”
8:32  And when they said: “God, if this is the truth from You, then shower us with stones from the sky and bring us a painful punishment.”
8:33  God is not to punish them while you are among them, and God is not their punisher while they ask for forgiveness.
8:34  And what (reason) do they have that God should not punish them while they hold (people) back from the Sacred Mosque, while they are not its guardians? Its guardians are (should be) only those who are cautious (of God), but most of them do not know.
8:35  And their mandatory prayer in the house (Ka’aba) was nothing but whistling and clapping, so taste the punishment for what you used to disbelieve.
8:36  Indeed, those who disbelieve spend their wealth to obstruct God's way. They are going to spend it, then it becomes a (cause of) regret for them, then they are defeated, and those who disbelieve will be gathered in hell,
8:37  so that God separates the bad from the good, and then He puts the bad upon each other, piling them up together, and then puts them into hell. They are the losers.
8:38  Tell those who disbelieve that if they stop, what has passed is forgiven for them, and if they return (to it), then the way of (dealing with) the earlier ones has already preceded.
8:39  Fight them until there is no more conspiracy (and turmoil) and religion (way of life), all of it, will be for God alone. And if they stop, then indeed God sees what they do.
8:40  And if they turn away, then know that God is your protector, what a good protector and what a good helper.
8:41  And know that one fifth of anything you take as spoils (of war) is for God and the messenger and for the relatives (and close ones) and the orphans and the needy and the traveler (in need) if you believe in God and what We sent down to Our servant on the day of distinction (day of battle of Badr), the day the two forces/armies encountered. God is capable of everything.
8:42  When you were on the nearer side of the valley (Medina) and they were on the further side and the caravan was below you, if you had mutually appointed (a time and place to fight), you would have certainly failed in the appointment, but (you met) so that God finishes a matter that was to be done, so anyone who was killed, was killed with clear evidence, and anyone who lived on, lived on with clear evidence. Indeed, God hears all and knows all.
8:43  (Remember) when God showed them to you as a few in your dream, while if God had shown them to you as many, then you would have lost your courage and would have disputed about the matter, but God saved (you). Indeed, He knows what is inside the chests/minds.
8:44  And when you encountered, He showed them as a few in your eyes, and reduced you in their eyes, so that God finishes a matter that was to be done. All affairs are returned to God.
8:45  You who believe, when you encounter a group (of your enemies), be firm and remember God very much, so that you may be successful.
8:46  And obey God and His messenger, and do not dispute, because you will become weak and your power goes away, and persevere as indeed God is with those who persevere.
8:47  And do not be like those who came out of their houses boastfully, showing off to people to obstruct God's way. God surrounds (has complete knowledge of and power over) what they do.
8:48  And when Satan made their actions attractive for them and said: “No one among the people can defeat you today, and I am at your side.” But when the two groups came into view, he turned around on his heels and said: “I have nothing to do with you, indeed I see what you do not see, indeed I fear (the punishment of) God, and God is severe in punishment.”
8:49  (Remember) when the Hypocrites and those who have disease in their hearts said: “Their religion has deceived these.” And anyone who trusts in God (should know that) God is the powerful and the wise.
8:50  And if you could see when the angels take the life of those who disbelieve striking their faces and their backs (saying:) “Taste the punishment of burning,
8:51  that is for what your hands sent ahead, and indeed God is not wrong to His servants.”
8:52  Like the case of Pharaoh’s people and those before them, they disbelieved in God’s signs, so God punished them for their sins. God is powerful, and severe in punishment.
8:53  That is because God is not to change a favor that He grants to a people until they change themselves. God hears all and knows all.
8:54  Like the case of Pharaoh’s people and those before them, they denied the signs of their Lord, so We destroyed them for their sins, as We drowned Pharaoh’s people, for they were all wrongdoers.
8:55  The worst creatures in God’s view are those who disbelieve and they do not believe,
8:56  those whom you have made an agreement with them, then they break their promise every time, and they are not cautious (of God).
8:57  So, if you defeat them in war, then by their (example), scare anyone who (comes) following them, so that they may take notice.
8:58  And if you fear betrayal of any people, then throw back (their treaty) at them in the same way. Indeed, God does not like the betrayers.
8:59  And those who disbelieve should not think that they are ahead, indeed they will not make (God) powerless (or escape from God).
8:60  And prepare whatever forces and saddled horses (and other equipment and ammunition) you can against them to frighten with it the enemies of God and your enemies and others besides them whom you do not know but God knows them. And anything you spend in God's way is paid back to you and you will not be wronged.
8:61  And if they incline to peace, then you incline to it too, and trust in God. Indeed, He hears all and knows all.
8:62  And if they want to trick you, then God is enough for you. He is the One Who strengthened you with His help and with the believers.
8:63  And He united their (believers’) hearts. If you had spent all that is on the earth, you would not have united their hearts, but God united them, He is powerful and wise.
8:64  Prophet, God and whoever among the believers who follows you will be sufficient for you.
8:65  Prophet, encourage the believers to the fight. If there are twenty of you persevering, they defeat two hundreds, and if there are a hundred of you, they defeat a thousand of those who disbelieve, for indeed they are people who do not understand.
8:66  Now, God reduced (your task) for you because He knows that there is a weakness in you. So, if there are a hundred of you persevering, they defeat two hundreds, and if there are a thousand of you, they defeat two thousands with God’s permission. God is with the persevering ones.
8:67  It is not for a prophet to have captives unless he has fought hard in the land (to capture them during the battle). You want materials of the world while God wants the Hereafter (for you). God is powerful and wise.
8:68  If it was not for previous instruction from God, then a great punishment would have afflicted you for what you took.
8:69  So, eat from the lawful good things that you gained as spoils (of war), and be cautious of God. God is forgiving and merciful.
8:70  Prophet, tell the captives who are in your hands: “If God knows any good in your hearts, He will give you better than what was taken from you, and He will forgive you. God is forgiving and merciful.”
8:71  And if they want to betray you, they have certainly betrayed God in the past, so He gave you power over them. God is knowledgeable and wise.
8:72  Indeed, those who believed and migrated and tried hard with their possessions and their lives in God's way, and those who housed and helped (them), some of them are supporters (and friends) of the others. And those who believed and did not migrate, there is nothing upon you for their protection until they migrate. But if they ask for your help in the religion (way of life), then help is your responsibility, except against people that there is an agreement between you and them. God sees what you do.
8:73  Some of those who disbelieve are supporters (and friends) of the others. If you do not do that, there will be conspiracy (and turmoil) and great corruption on the earth.
8:74  Those who believed and migrated and tried hard in God's way, and those who housed and helped (them), they are the true believers, they will have forgiveness and noble provisions.
8:75  And those who believed afterward and migrated and tried hard with you, then they are of you. And in the book of God, some blood relatives (and close relatives) have preference over others. God knows everything.