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8:1  They ask you about the spoils of war. Say, "The spoils are for Allah and the Messenger. So fear Allah and improve mutual relationships among yourselves. And obey Allah and His Messenger if you do believe!"
8:2  The believers are only those whose hearts are moved with fear when Allah is mentioned. And when His Verses/signs are recited to them, it (recitation) strengthens them in faith. And in their Lord do they trust
8:3  Those who establish proper prayer and spend out of what We have given them
8:4  These are the real believers. For them are high grades from their Lord, and forgiveness, and good wholesome provisions
8:5  Likewise, in truth, did your Lord cause you to go forth from your house. And indeed ah section of the believers were against it
8:6  They disputed with you the truth after what had become clear, as if they were being driven, with their eyes wide open, to death
8:7  And when Allah promised you that one of the two enemy groups shall be yours, and you preferred that the one not armed should he yours, Allah desired to make manifest the truth of His words and to cut off the root of those who suppress the Truth.
8:8  That He may establish the truth and destroy the falsehood, the wrong-doers' dislike notwithstanding
8:9  As you sought aid from your Lord, so He answered you, "I will assist you with waves after waves of a thousand of the angels."
8:10  And Allah did not make it but as a good news, so that your hearts might be at peace thereby. And there is no help except from Allah. Allah is indeed Omnipotent, Wise
8:11  Whene caused you to be overcome with drowsiness as a means of mental peace from Him and sent down upon you water from the cloud that He might thereby purify you. And He rid you of satanic pollution that He might fortify your hearts, and might steady your footsteps thereby
8:12  When your Lord revealed to the angels, "I am with you, so make the believers firm and steady. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who suppress the Truth. Then hit on their necks and cut all fingers off them."
8:13  This is because they opposed Allah and His Messenger. And whoever opposes Allah and His Messenger, then, indeed, Allah is severe in punishment
8:14  "This it is, so taste it; and punishment for the suppressors of the Truth is the Fire!"
8:15  O you who believe! When you meet the suppressors of the Truth in war, turn not your backs to them
8:16  And whoever turns his back to them on that day — unless it is only to turn back to fighting or to withdraw to one's own company — then he does indeed incur Allah's wrath, and his abode is Hell. And it is an evil destination
8:17  Then it was not you who killed them, but it was Allah Who killed them. And it was not you who threw when you threw, but it was Allah Who threw. And He did it to test the believers with a good test from Himself. Indeed, Allah listens, knows
8:18  Thus it is that Allah undermines the scheme of the suppressors of the Truth
8:19  If you had sought a decisive judgment, it certainly has then come to you in the form of victory to the believers. And if you desist from waging a war against them henceforth, then that will be good for you. And if you return, We return! And your forces, though numerous, shall avail you nothing. And you should know that Allah is with the believers
8:20  O you who believe! Obey Allah and His Messenger and turn not away while listening to him
8:21  And be not like those who said, `We hear', and they did not hear
8:22  Indeed, the worst moving creatures, in Allah's sight, are the deaf and dumb that understand not.
8:23  And if Allah had known any good in them He would have made them hear, and if He makes them hear they would turn away and contradict
8:24  O you who believe! Respond to Allah and His Messenger when he calls you to that for which Allah gives you life. And know that Allah intervenes between man and his mind, and that to Him you shall be gathered
8:25  And beware of a trial which may not afflict only those of you in particular who do wrong. And know that Allah is severe in punishment
8:26  And remember when you were few, deemed weak in the land, fearing lest people might carry you off by force. Then He sheltered you, strengthened you with His aid and provided you with good things so that you feel grateful
8:27  O you who believe! Betray not Allah and the Messenger, nor betray your trusts, knowingly
8:28  And know that your property and your children are a trial, and that, with Allah, there is a magnificent reward
8:29  O you who believe! If you fear Allah, He will create in you an ability to distinguish between right and wrong and do away with your evil tendencies, and forgive you. And Allah possesses great Grace
8:30  And those who suppressed the Truth plotted to confine you, kill you or drive you away. They plotted and Allah plotted. And Allah is the best of plotters
8:31  And when Our Verses/signs are recited to them, they say, "We have heard. We certainly could, if we pleased, say things like that. These are nothing but fables of the ancients."
8:32  And they said, "O Allah! If this is the Truth from You, then rain upon us stones from the sky or bring on us a painful punishment."
8:33  But Allah was not going to punish them while you dwelt among them, nor was Allah going to punish them while they may yet ask for forgiveness
8:34  And why should Allah not punish them when they hinder people from the Sacred Place of Worship and when they cannot be its custodians. Its custodians can only be those who fear Allah, but most of them know not
8:35  And their prayer before the House is nothing but whistling and clapping. Taste then the punishment; for, you have been suppressing the Truth
8:36  Indeed, those who suppress the Truth spend their wealth to hinder people from the Path of Allah. And they shall continue to spend it so, till they are overcome with intense regret thereupon. And those, who suppress the Truth, shall be driven together to Hell
8:37  That Allah might separate the bad from the good, and pile up the bad, one upon another, and then cast them together into Hell. These are the ones that are doomed
8:38  Tell those who suppress the Truth that if they desist, that which is past shall be forgiven to them. And if they persist, what happened to the ancients is already on record.
8:39  And fight with them until revolt/insurrection stops, and the way of life is restored in its entirety to Allah. Then if they desist, Allah does indeed see what they do.
8:40  And if they turn back, then know that Allah is your Patron — the best Patron and the best One to help
8:41  And know that whatever booty you get, a fifth of it is for Allah and for the Messenger and for those near and dear, the orphans, the needy and the wayfarer, if you do believe in Allah and in that which We bestowed upon Our Slave on the day right was distinguished from wrong, the day on which the two armies met. And Allah has power over all things
8:42  The scenario was that you were on the nearer side, and they on the farther side, and the caravan was in the valley down below you. And even if you had planned to attack the caravan, you would certainly have missed the target, so that Allah might accomplish a matter which was to be accomplished — that he would manifestly perish that He wished to perish, and he would manifestly keep alive that He wished to keep alive. And indeed Allah listens, knows
8:43  Then Allah showed them to you in your dream as few. And if He had shown them to you as many, you would certainly have lost courage and you would have quarrelled over the matter. But Allah acted to set things right. He is indeed aware of what goes on in your minds
8:44  And then He showed them to you, when you met, as few in your eyes and He made you to appear few in their eyes, in order that Allah brought a matter, which was to be done, to fruition. And to Allah are all matters returned
8:45  O you who believe! When you face an enemy in battle, be firm, and remember Allah a great deal, so that you may be successful
8:46  And obey Allah and His Messenger and do not quarrel; for, then, you will lose courage and your power will go away. And be patient! Indeed, Allah is with those who are patient
8:47  And be not like those who came out of their homes boasting and showing off, and who turned people away from the Path of Allah. And Allah surrounded all that they did
8:48  And then the Satan made their deeds fair seeming to them, and said, "No man can overcome you this day, and indeed I am your supporter." But when the two armies confronted each other, he turned his back and said, "I do indeed bear no responsibility for you. I do indeed see what you do not see. I do indeed fear Allah. And Allah is severe in giving punishment!"
8:49  The hypocrites and those in whose hearts was a disease said, "Their religion has deceived them." And when anyone places his trust on Allah, then indeed Allah is Omnipotent, Wise
8:50  And if you could see the angels causing those who suppress the Truth to die, you would see them (angels) smiting their faces and their backs, and saying, "Taste the torment of the Fire!"
8:51  This is because of what your own hands have sent in before. And Allah is not in the least unjust to those whom He created and who ought therefore to obey Him
8:52  Like Pharaoh's people and those before them: they suppressed the Truth in Allah's Verses/signs, and then Allah seized them for their sins. Allah is indeed strong, severe in punishment
8:53  That was because Allah has never changed a favour which He has conferred upon a people until they themselves become responsible for any change in it. And because Allah listens, knows
8:54  Like Pharaoh's people and those before them: they rejected the Verses/signs of their Lord, so We destroyed them on account of their sins and We drowned Pharaoh's people, and they were all unjust
8:55  Indeed, the worst of the moving creatures, in Allah's sight, are those who suppress the Truth. And then they would not believe
8:56  Those with whom you had a covenant, and they broke it every time and they did not fear Allah
8:57  And if you face them in war, make a deterrent example of them for those who would follow them
8:58  And if you fear treachery on the part of a people, then throw back the covenant to them in an equitable manner. Indeed, Allah does not like the treacherous people
8:59  And let not those who suppress the Truth think that they will get away. They will certainly not escape
8:60  And prepare against them what force and means of transport you can muster, to deter thereby the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them, whom you do not know but Allah knows. And whatever thing you spend in Allah's path, it will be paid back to you in full and you shall not be wronged
8:61  And if they incline towards peace, then incline towards it and trust in Allah. HE does indeed listen, know
8:62  And if they intend to deceive you, then Allah is indeed sufficient for you. He it is Who strengthened you with His help and with the believers
8:63  And He united their hearts. Had you (singular) spent all that is in the earth, you could not have united their hearts, but Allah united them. He is indeed Omnipotent, Wise
8:64  O Prophet! Allah is sufficient for you and for such of the believers that follow you.
8:65  O Prophet! Exhort the believers to fight. If there be twenty of you exercising patience, they shall overcome two hundred; and if there be a hundred of you, they shall overcome a thousand of those who suppress the Truth, because they (the latter) are a people who do not understand
8:66  For now, Allah has made your burden light, and He knows that there is weakness in you. So if there be a hundred of you exercising patience, they shall overcome two hundred; and if there be a thousand, they shall overcome two thousand by Allah's permission. And Allah is with those who are patient
8:67  It is not fit for a prophet that he should have captives unless he is firmly established on the earth. You desire to avail goods of this world, while Allah desires for you the Hereafter. And Allah is Omnipotent, Wise
8:68  Had it not been for an ordinance from Allah already gone forth, surely there would have befallen you a great calamity in what you had taken
8:69  Eat then of the lawful and good things which you get as windfall or spoils of war. And fear Allah. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving, Merciful
8:70  O Prophet! Say to those of the captives who are in your hands, "If Allah knows there is anything good in your hearts, He will give you better than that which has been taken away from you and He will forgive you. And Allah is Forgiving, Merciful."
8:71  And if they intend to be unfaithful to you, they were indeed unfaithful towards Allah before, so He gave you power over them. And Allah is Aware, Wise
8:72  Those indeed who believed and migrated and struggled hard in Allah's path with their property and their lives, and those who gave shelter and help — these are awliya of one another. And as for those who believed but did not migrate, you have no responsibility of being their wali until they migrate. And if they seek aid from you in matters of religion, aid is obligatory on you except against a people between whom and you there is a treaty. And Allah sees what you do
8:73  And as for those who suppress the Truth, they are the awliya of one another. If you do it not, there will be disorder on earth and great discord
8:74  And as for those who believed and migrated and struggled hard in Allah's path, and those who gave shelter and help, those are the true believers. They shall have forgiveness and honourable provision
8:75  And as for those who believed afterwards and migrated and struggled hard along with you, they are of you. And blood relatives are nearer to one another in Allah's Record. Allah does indeed know all things