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71:1  Indeed, We sent Noah to his people (telling him:) “Warn your people before a painful punishment comes to them.”
71:2  He said: “My people, I am a clear warner for you,
71:3  (warning you) that you should serve God and be cautious of Him and obey me.
71:4  He forgives you of your sins and He postpones you for a limited period. Indeed, when God's appointed time comes, it is not postponed if you knew.”
71:5  He said: “My Lord, indeed I invited my people night and day,
71:6  but my invitation only increased (their) running away,
71:7  and indeed, every time I invited them so that You forgive them, they put their fingers in their ears and covered themselves with their clothes and insisted and were extremely arrogant.
71:8  So, I invited them openly,
71:9  then indeed I made it public for them, and confided in them secretly,
71:10  then I said: “Ask forgiveness from your Lord, indeed He is very forgiving,
71:11  He sends plenty of rain on you from the sky,
71:12  and He helps you with wealth and children, and He makes gardens for you, and He makes rivers for you.
71:13  What is with you that you are not apprehensive of (or you do not believe in) God’s magnificence (and you disobey Him)?
71:14  While He has created you in phases.
71:15  Do you not consider how God created seven skies one above the other?
71:16  And He made the moon in them as a light and made the sun as a lamp,
71:17  and He made you grow from the earth (like) a plant
71:18  then He returns you into it and brings you out (in another) bringing out,
71:19  and God made the earth a widespread mat for you,
71:20  so that you move around in it on wide roadways.””
71:21  Noah said: “My Lord, indeed they disobeyed me and followed someone whose wealth and children did not add anything to him except loss.”
71:22  And they plotted a great plot,
71:23  and they said: “Do not abandon your gods, and do not leave Wadd or Suwa or Yaghus and Ya'uq and Nasr.”
71:24  And (Noah said:) “They have misguided many (people), so (my Lord,) do not increase the wrongdoers except in error.”
71:25  They were drowned because of their sins, then they were made to enter the fire, and they did not find any helpers for themselves besides God.
71:26  And Noah said: "My Lord, do not leave any of the disbelievers living on the earth,
71:27  indeed, if You leave them, they misguide Your servants, and they would only give birth to an immoral, a disbeliever.
71:28  My Lord, forgive me and my parents, and anyone who enters my house (being a) believer, and the believing men and the believing women, and do not increase the wrongdoers except in destruction.”