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71:1  We sent Noah to his people (and directed him): "Warn your people before a grievous chastisement comes upon them."
71:2  Noah said: "My people, I have certainly been sent as a clear warner to you
71:3  that you serve Allah and fear Him, and follow me
71:4  He will forgive your sins and will grant you respite until an appointed term. Indeed when Allah´s appointed term comes, it cannot be deferred; if you only knew!"
71:5  He said: "My Lord, I called my people by night and by day
71:6  but the more I called, the farther they fled
71:7  And every time I called them so that You might forgive them, they thrust their fingers into their ears and wrapped up their faces with their garments and obstinately clung to their attitude, and waxed very proud
71:8  Then I summoned them openly
71:9  and preached to them in public, and also addressed them in secret
71:10  I said to them: "Ask forgiveness from your Lord; surely He is Most Forgiving
71:11  He will shower upon you torrents from heaven
71:12  and will provide you with wealth and children, and will bestow upon you gardens and rivers
71:13  What is amiss with you that you do not look forward to the majesty of Alla
71:14  when He has created you in stages
71:15  Do you not see how Allah has created seven heavens, one upon the other
71:16  and has placed the moon in them as a light, and the sun as a radiant lamp
71:17  And Allah has caused you to grow out of the earth so wondrously
71:18  and He will later cause you to return to it and will then again bring you out of it
71:19  Allah has made the earth a wide expanse for yo
71:20  so that you may tread its spacious paths."
71:21  Noah said: "My Lord, they did not pay heed to what I said, and followed those (nobles) whose possession of wealth and children has led them to an even greater loss
71:22  They contrived a plot of great magnitude
71:23  They said: "Do not abandon your deities; do not abandon Wadd, nor Suwa, nor Yaghuth, nor Yauq, nor Nasr
71:24  They have misled many. So do not enable these evildoers to increase in anything except straying (from the Right Way)."
71:25  And so they were drowned on account of their sins, and then cast into the Fire, and did not find any other than Allah, to come forth to their help
71:26  Noah said: "My Lord, do not leave out of these unbelievers even a single dweller on earth
71:27  for certainly if You should leave them (alive), they will mislead Your servants, and will beget none but sinners and utter unbelievers
71:28  My Lord, forgive me and my parents, and whoever enters my house as a believer, and forgive all believers, both men and women, and do not increase the wrong-doers in anything except perdition."