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69:1  The absolute reality (which will become evident with death)!
69:2  What is the absolute reality?
69:3  What informs you of the absolute reality?
69:4  Thamud and Aad denied the eternal life after death.
69:5  So, for Thamud, they were destroyed with the loud earthquake!
69:6  And Aad, they were destroyed with an intense hurricane!
69:7  He subjected them (to that hurricane) for seven nights and eight days! You will see them fallen therein like hollow trunks of palm trees!
69:8  What do you see of their remains?
69:9  Pharaoh, those before them, and the destroyed cities, they all made the same mistake!
69:10  They were disobedient to the Rasul of their Rabb and so (their Rabb) seized them with intensity!
69:11  Indeed, when the water overflowed it was Us who carried you in the sailing ship!
69:12  (We narrated it) so that We might make it a reminder for you and so that a perceptive ear can discern it well!
69:13  When the Horn (the forms – the bodies that are present at that time) is blown with a single blow (when the individual consciousnesses realize their essential reality without their body)...
69:14  When the earth (bodies) and the mountains (egos – identities) are crushed and destroyed with a single impact;
69:15  At that time the great event will have taken place (everyone will have become aware of the absolute reality)!
69:16  And the sky (the sense of self, identity) will be split apart, for at that time it will be frail!
69:17  And the angel will be around it! Eight (forces) above them, (the creation) will bear the Throne of your Rabb at that time.
69:18  And you will be brought forth that day with none of your secrets left concealed (fully exposed)!
69:19  He whose (life record) is formed from his right will say, “Here is my record, read it.”
69:20  “Indeed, I knew I was going to meet the results of my deeds!”
69:21  So he will be in a state of bliss;
69:22  A high (sublime) Paradise!
69:23  The resulting fruits of his deeds will be within his reach!
69:24  Eat and drink with joy as the result of your past deeds!
69:25  As for he whose (book) life record is formed from his left, he will say, “I wish I had never been given my record!”
69:26  “I wish I had never known what is my account (the consequences of my deeds)!”
69:27  “I wish it ended (before it came to this point)!”
69:28  “My wealth has been of no avail to me!”
69:29  “All my power is lost and gone.”
69:30  “Seize him and tie him!”
69:31  “Then cast him to the Hell!”
69:32  “Then insert him into a chain that is seventy cubits.”
69:33  “For he did not believe in Allah the Azim, his essential reality with His Names!”
69:34  “Nor did he make any effort to feed the needy (he was stingy)!”
69:35  “So there is no devoted friend for him at this time.”
69:36  “Nor any food for him except for pus.”
69:37  “And the guilty will eat only that!”
69:38  So I swear by what you see,
69:39  And what you do not see!
69:40  Indeed, it is the word of a generous Rasul.
69:41  It is not the word of a poet... How limited is your faith!
69:42  Nor is it the word of a soothsayer... How little you remember and think!
69:43  It is a (detailed) disclosure from the Rabb of the worlds!
69:44  Had he made it up and attributed it to Us;
69:45  Surely We would have taken his right hand (power).
69:46  Then We would have cut his jugular vein (carotid artery)!
69:47  And none among you could have prevented it.
69:48  Indeed, it (the Quran) is a thought-provoking reminder for those who want to protect themselves!
69:49  Surely We know who among you are the deniers.
69:50  Indeed, it (Doomsday) will be a time of bitter regret for those who deny the knowledge of the reality!
69:51  Indeed, that (Doomsday period) is the (clear) experience of the Truth!
69:52  So glorify (tasbih) your Rabb by continuing to carry out your function (in servitude to His Names), whose name is Azim!