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69:1  Reality!
69:2  What is reality?
69:3  What will make you recognize what reality is like?
69:4  Thamud and Ad denied [they would face] disaster.
69:5  As for Thamud, they were wiped out by the Thunderbolt.
69:6  As for Ad, they were wiped out by a furiously howling gale.
69:7  He loosed it on them for seven grueling nights and eight days. You would see folk collapsing in it as if they were hollow palm trunks.
69:8  Do you see any survivors from them?
69:9  Pharaoh came, as well as those before him, and the places Overthrown through [their own] misdeeds;
69:10  they defied their Lord´s messenger, so He seized them with a tightening grip.
69:11  When the water overflowed, We loaded you on the vessel,
69:12  so We might set it up as a Reminder for you and so (your) attentive ears might retain it.
69:13  When a single blast is blown on the Trumpet
69:14  and the earth is lifted up along with the mountains and they are both flattened by a single blow,
69:15  the Event will take place on that day!
69:16  The sky will split open and seem flimsy that day;
69:17  while angels [will stand] along its edges. Eight [in all] will bear your Lord´s throne above them on that day.
69:18  On that day you will (all) be arraigned; no secret of yours will remain hidden.
69:19  Anyone who is given his book in his right hand will say: "Here, read my book!
69:20  I always thought I would face my reckoning!"
69:21  He will be in pleasant living
69:22  in a lofty garden
69:23  whose clusters [of fruit] will hang within easy reach.
69:24  "Eat and drink to your heart´s content because of what you sent on ahead in bygone days."
69:25  However anyone who is given his book in his left hand will say: "It´s too bad for me; if only my book had not been given me,
69:26  I would not have known my reckoning!
69:27  If it had only been the Sentence [once and for all]!
69:28  My money has not helped me out;
69:29  my authority has been wiped out on me."
69:30  "Take him off and handcuff him!
69:31  Then let Hades roast him!
69:32  Then padlock him to a chain gang seventy yards long.
69:33  He did not believe in God Almighty
69:34  nor ever urge [others) to feed the needy.
69:35  He has no close friend here today,
69:36  nor any food except for some garbage
69:37  which only sinners eat."
69:38  Yet I swear by whatever you observe
69:39  and what you do not observe,
69:40  that it is a statement [made] by a noble messenger.
69:41  It is no poet´s statement; how little do you believe!
69:42  Nor is it some fortune teller´s statement; how little do you think things over!
69:43  [It is] something sent down by the Lord of the Universe.
69:44  If he had mouthed some [false] statements about Us,
69:45  We would have seized him by the right hand;
69:46  then cut off his main artery.
69:47  Not one of you would have prevented it!
69:48  It is a Reminder for the heedful
69:49  We know too that some of you will reject it.
69:50  It means despair for disbelievers;
69:51  yet it is the absolute Truth!
69:52  So hymn your Lord´s almighty name!