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69:1  The Inevitable Truth
69:2  What is the Inevitable Truth
69:3  And what makes you realize what the Inevitable Truth is
69:4  Thamud and c?d cried lies to the Smiter
69:5  So, as for Tham?d, they were made to perish by the inordinate (storm)
69:6  And as for c?d, they were then made to perish by a wind most clamorous (and) furious (Literally: rebellious)
69:7  He subjected it against them seven nights and eight days in gruesome succession, so that you might have seen the people laid overthrown in it as if they were the hollow stumps of devastated palm- trees
69:8  So do you see any remnant of them
69:9  And Firaawn (Pharaoh) came, (i.e., after Thamud and Aad) and whoever were before him and the (cities of) falsehood, (i.e., the people of Lut "Lot") with their (habitual) sinfulness
69:10  Then they disobeyed the Messenger of their Lord, so He took them (away) with a surpassing grip (Literally: swelling taking)
69:11  Surely, as soon as the water (s) overflowed, (Literally: was inordinate) We carried you in the running ship
69:12  That We might make it a Reminder for you and for heeding ear (s) to heed
69:13  So, when the Trumpet is blown with one blowing
69:14  And the earth and the mountains are borne up, then they are pounded one pounding
69:15  Then, upon that Day, the Inevitable Event will be fall
69:16  And the heaven will be cloven. So, upon that Day it will be (very) frail
69:17  And the (commanded) Angels will be upon its dimensions, and upon that Day eight will bear above them the Throne of your Lord
69:18  Upon that Day you will be set before (them), not one concealed (secret) of yours will be concealed
69:19  So, as for him whose book is brought to him in (Literally: with) his right hand, he will then say, " (Now), here you are! Read my book
69:20  Surely I expected that I should meet my reckoning."
69:21  So he will be in a satisfied livelihood
69:22  In an exalted Garden
69:23  Its picked (fruits) (are) within (easy) reach
69:24  "Eat and drink rejoicing with wholesome appetite for what you previously did in the days gone-by."
69:25  And as for him whose book is brought to him in his left (hand), he will then say, "oh, would that my book had not been brought to me
69:26  And that I had not realized my reckoning
69:27  Oh, would that it had been the decreed end
69:28  In no way has my wealth availed me
69:29  My (own) all-binding authority has perished away from me."
69:30  "Take him, and shackle him up
69:31  Thereafter roast him in Hell-Fire
69:32  Thereafter in a chain of seventy cubits' length insert him
69:33  Surely he used not to believe in Allah The Ever-Magnificent
69:34  And he did not urge (offering) food to the indigent
69:35  So today he has not here now (any) intimate (friend)
69:36  Neither any food except of foul refuse
69:37  (That) none except the sinners eat."
69:38  Yet no, I swear by whatever you behold
69:39  And whatever you do not behold
69:40  Surely it is indeed the saying of an honorable Messenger
69:41  And in no way is it the saying of a poet- little do you believe
69:42  Nor the saying of a soothsayer- little are you mindful of
69:43  A successive sending down from The Lord of the worlds
69:44  And if he had talked up against Us any (Literally: some) (false) sayings
69:45  Indeed We would have taken (him) by the right hand
69:46  Thereafter indeed We would have cut (off) (his) aorta
69:47  Then in no way would anyone of you (be) debarring (Us) from him
69:48  And surely it is indeed a Reminder to the pious
69:49  And surely We indeed know that (some) among you are beliers
69:50  And surely it is indeed a (source of) regret to the disbelievers
69:51  And surely it is indeed the Truth of certitude
69:52  So extol with the Name of your Lord, The Ever-Magnificent