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69:1  The truth
69:2  The undeniable truth
69:3  The day of Judgment will truly take place
69:4  The people of Thamood and A’ad before you thought the Day of Judgment is a lie
69:5  The Thamoodians tasted the punishment of God while overtaken by a terrible storm of thunder and lightening
69:6  As to the people of A’ad, God destroyed them with a furious roaring wind in account of their disbelief…
69:7  … Those who were refusing to bow down at their Lord were prostrating by the force of the wind which threw them down as if they were the trunks of hollow palm trees
69:8  Do you see any of them around
69:9  As well as Pharaoh, the tyrants before him and the cities who were engaged in nothing but sins [the reference may be to Sodom and Gomorrah]
69:10  [God sent them a messenger to offer them a decent code of conduct]. As they denied the messenger of God, your Lord punished them badly
69:11  Remember the favor of your Lord Who carried you on the Arc (of Noah) as the water rose high as a reminder. …
69:12  …May the ears that appreciate the truth retain it as a remembrance
69:13  The time will come when the Trumpet is being blown with a single blast
69:14  On that day the earth will be thrown out of its projectile and the mountains will be pulverized to powder
69:15  It will be the time for the inevitable to happen
69:16  The Day on which the [ozone layer of the] sky will crack and the cosmos will loose its order
69:17  Man then will be at awe with the presence of His Lord accompanied by eight most honorable angles; a solemn occasion like a King ascending on His Throne
69:18  On that Day man’s most secret affairs will be replayed to him in front of his Lord
69:19  The one who receives his lifetime’s report card in his right hand will joyfully show it to everyone with pride and will say:.
69:20  .. “Read my lifetime devotion to God, I knew that one day I will be proud of it.”
69:21  He will be the happiest ever in the best of gardens…
69:22  where the fruits are so close that…
69:23  … it requires only extending the hand to pick up
69:24  He will be said: “Enjoy eating and drinking which is a reward for your devotion.”
69:25  As to the one who will be given his sentence to the left hand, he will moan: “I wish I would have never done all those wrong things.”
69:26  “I wish I would have never been reminded of my deeds.”
69:27  “I whish my death would have been the end of my existence.”
69:28  “Today the wealth that I accumulated during my lifetime is of no help to me.”
69:29  “My power and reasoning are useless now.”
69:30  It will be ordered: .
69:31  ..“Take the guilty one, put the chain on his neck and throw him into the blazing fire.
69:32  ... [Once he is reborn], fasten him with a chain which is seventy cubits long.”
69:33  For he did not believe in Almighty Lord
69:34  No only he did not feed an orphan but he did not even appreciate such a charitable act [probably calling them lazy, of bad nature, shame to the society, better dead than alive, etc.]
69:35  No wonder he does not have any friend here today
69:36  No wonder his food today is nothing but left over water of washing of wounds
69:37  Yes that is what the sinners eat: leftover liquid of washing the wounds
69:38  I (God) swear by whatever you see
69:39  I (God) swear by whatever you do not see
69:40  These are my words relayed to you by my honorable messenger
69:41  These are not the words of a poet (how stubborn of you not to refer to your own conscious to find the truth.
69:42  These are not the words of a person who claims to know the future (how little you reflect to see the depth of these revelations.
69:43  This Qur’an is the revelation of the Creator of the worlds to mankind
69:44  Know that if Mohammad had told something of his own and ascribe it to God,…
69:45  … I (God) would have indeed seized him by his right hand…
69:46  …. and cut off his throat
69:47  None of you could have prevented Me (God) of doing so
69:48  This Qur’an is a message for those who want to stay on the right path
69:49  I (God) know that some of you deny the authenticity of Qur’an
69:50  What a pity for those who do not believe in divine origin of Qur’an
69:52  Therefore, glorify the name of your Lord, the Most High