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84:1  When the sky bursts open,
84:2  obeying its Lord as it must,
84:3  and when the earth is flattened out,
84:4  and ejects ˹all˺ its contents and becomes empty,
84:5  obeying its Lord as it must, ˹surely you will all be judged˺.
84:6  O humanity! Indeed, you are labouring restlessly towards your Lord, and will ˹eventually˺ meet the consequences.
84:7  As for those who are given their record in their right hand,
84:8  they will have an easy reckoning,
84:9  and will return to their people joyfully.
84:10  And as for those who are given their record ˹in their left hand˺ from behind their backs,
84:11  they will cry for ˹instant˺ destruction,
84:12  and will burn in the blazing Fire.
84:13  For they used to be prideful among their people,
84:14  thinking they would never return ˹to Allah˺.
84:15  Yes ˹they would˺! Surely their Lord has always been All-Seeing of them.
84:16  So, I do swear by the twilight!
84:17  And by the night and whatever it envelops!
84:18  And by the moon when it waxes full!
84:19  You will certainly pass from one state to another.
84:20  So what is the matter with them that they do not believe,
84:21  and when the Quran is recited to them, they do not bow down ˹in submission˺?
84:22  In fact, the disbelievers persist in denial.
84:23  But Allah knows best whatever they hide.
84:24  So give them good news of a painful punishment.
84:25  But those who believe and do good will have a never-ending reward.