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84:1  When (all) the heavenly bodies will split asunder
84:2  And obey the command of their Lord (with regard to the catastrophic split) and (it is this implementation of the command) that they are bound to do
84:3  And when the earth will be flattened out (after it is broken into dust particles)
84:4  And it will cast out all that is inside it and become empty
84:5  And (it) will (also) obey the command of its Lord (with regard to the catastrophic split) and (it is this obedience) which it is worthy of
84:6  O man! You sustain rigours to reach your Lord. Ultimately, you will meet Him
84:7  So as for him who will be given his record in his right hand
84:8  He will soon be given an easy reckoning
84:9  And will return to his family rejoicing
84:10  And as for him who will be given his record behind his back
84:11  He will soon cry out for death
84:12  And he will enter the Blazing Fire of Hell
84:13  Surely, he lived joyfully with his family (in the world)
84:14  No doubt, he thought he would never return (to his Lord) for reckoning
84:15  Why not! Indeed, his Lord is ever watching him
84:16  So I swear by the evening glow (i.e., the twilight or its later glare)
84:17  And by the night and all that it envelops (under its embrace)
84:18  And the moon when it appears full
84:19  You will assuredly ride along stage by stage
84:20  So, what is the matter with them that (even after witnessing the truth of the forecast of the Qur’an), they do not believe
84:21  And when the Qur’an is recited to them, they do not fall down prostrate (before Allah)
84:22  Instead, the disbelievers (further) deny it
84:23  And Allah knows best (the contention and disbelief) which they are piling
84:24  So give them the news of a painful punishment
84:25  But those who believe and do pious deeds, for them is an unending (i.e., everlasting) reward