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80:1  He frowned and turned away.
80:2  Because the blind man has come to him.
80:3  And what cognize you.? Perhaps he might be refined.
80:4  Or be reminded, so the reminder would benefit him.
80:5  But as for who was self-availed.
80:6  So you confront him.
80:7  And it is not upon you if he would not refine himself.
80:8  But as for who came to you striving.
80:9  And he awes (Allah).
80:10  So you are distracted from him.
80:11  Nay, surely this is a Reminder.
80:12  So whoever wills, shall remember it.
80:13  In honorable scrolls.
80:14  Exalted, purified.
80:15  By the hands of scribes.
80:16  Are Honorables devotees.
80:17  Was killed, the human (Cursed)! How ungrateful was he?!
80:18  From which thing did He create him?
80:19  From a sperm drop He created him, so He determined him.
80:20  Then the pathway, He eased for him.
80:21  Then He causes him to die, so to bury him.
80:22  Then, when He wills, He will propagate (raise after death) him.
80:23  Nay, he did not accomplish what he had commanded Him.
80:24  So, let the human look at his food.
80:25  We surely pour the water, pouring.
80:26  Then We split the earth, splitting.
80:27  So We planted grains within it.
80:28  And grapes and Kadapa (Each plant which is cut several times after growing again).
80:29  And olives and date-palms.
80:30  And gardens with dense tall trees.
80:31  And fruits and grasses (Animals fruits).
80:32  Enjoyment for you, and for your livestock.
80:33  So when the Shouting (resurrection) comes.
80:34  On a Day when the person will flee from his brother.
80:35  And his mother and his father.
80:36  And his girlfriend and his children.
80:37  For each person from them an affair, on that Day will self-avail.
80:38  Faces on that Day will be brightened, beaming.
80:39  Are laughing, cheerful.
80:40  And Faces on that Day will be over them dust.
80:41  Are overstrained by an indignity (Darkened).
80:42  Those are the infidels, the lechers.