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80:1  He frowned and turned away
80:2  when the blind man approached him.
80:3  But what could make yousg realize that perhaps he was seeking to purify himself,
80:4  or to be reminded so that the reminder would benefit him?
80:5  But as for the one who thought himself self-sufficient,
80:6  yousg give him your attention,
80:7  though you are not liable if he never purifies himself.
80:8  Yet, as for the one who came to you rushing
80:9  with fear (of Allah),
80:10  to him you are inattentive.
80:11  But no, indeed this is a Reminder.
80:12  So whoever wills shall remember it.
80:13  (It is) in honorable Scrolls,
80:14  exalted and purified,
80:15  borne by the hands of scribes,
80:16  noble and devoted.
80:17  May man perish! What a denier he is!
80:18  From what did He create him?
80:19  From a sperm drop He created him and enabled him,
80:20  then He eased the way for him,
80:21  then He put him to death and buried him,
80:22  then, when He wills, He will resurrect him.
80:23  But no, he did not fulfill what He commanded him.
80:24  Let man look at his food:
80:25  that We poured down water in abundance,
80:26  then We made the land vigorously rupture
80:27  and germinated therein grains
80:28  and grapes and herbs,
80:29  and olives and dates,
80:30  and luscious orchards,
80:31  and fruit and fodder—
80:32  an enjoyment for you and for yourpl livestock.
80:33  But when the Deafening Noise comes to pass,
80:34  on a day when a person flees from his brother
80:35  and his mother and his father
80:36  and his female companion and his children—
80:37  every one of them on that day has enough to preoccupy him.
80:38  Some faces on that day are radiant,
80:39  laughing and glad.
80:40  And some faces on that day are covered with dust,
80:41  covered in darkness:
80:42  those are the deniers, the vicious.