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`Abasa (He Frowned)
as rendered by Ali Ãœnal
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Ali Ünal rendition of Surah He Frowned(`Abasa)
80:1 He (a disbelieving, haughty man) frowned and turned away,
80:2 Because (while he was talking with the Messenger) the blind man approached him.
80:3 What would inform you (O haughty one) but that he might grow in purity (by doing good deeds)?
80:4 Or that he might grow mindful (of God’s Message), and the reminder benefit him?
80:5 As for him who deems himself to be independent (not needy of Divine guidance because of pride in his wealth and status),
80:6 You (O Messenger) attend to him (so that he may accept Islam and reform),
80:7 Though you are not accountable if he does not grow in purity (through acceptance of faith and fulfilling its obligations and responsibilities).
80:8 But as for him who came to you eagerly,
80:9 And he was in awe of God,
80:10 You divert your attention from him (to the other).
80:11 No indeed! It surely is a reminder and an admonition (that suffices for all who come to it with an open heart).
80:12 So whoever wills receives admonition and takes heed.
80:13 (It is recorded) in scrolls greatly honored,
80:14 Exalted (in God’s sight) and perfectly purified (of falsehood, vanity, and inconsistency);
80:15 (Borne) by the hands of angel-envoys,
80:16 Noble and virtuous.
80:17 Human is ruined – for how thankless and disbelieving he is!
80:18 (Does he never consider) from what thing He has created him?
80:19 From a drop of (seminal) fluid; He has created him and fashioned him in measured proportions (for his shape and for his life).
80:20 Thereafter He has made the path (to God) easy for him,
80:21 Thereafter He causes him to die and buries him.
80:22 Thereafter, when He wills, He raises him again to life.
80:23 No indeed! Human has not fulfilled what God enjoined on him.
80:24 Then, let human consider his food (and so reflect on his Lord’s Mercy and the truth of Resurrection),
80:25 That We pour down the water in abundance;
80:26 Then We split the earth in clefts;
80:27 And so We enable grain to grow therein,
80:28 And grapes, and edible plants,
80:29 And olive-trees and date-palms,
80:30 And gardens dense with foliage,
80:31 And (diverse other) fruits and herbage,
80:32 As a means of livelihood for you and your animals.
80:33 But when the piercing Cry (heralding the Resurrection) sounds;
80:34 On that Day when a person flees from his brother,
80:35 And from his mother and father,
80:36 And from his spouse and his children;
80:37 Everyone on that Day has concern of his own enough to make him heedless (of anything else).
80:38 Some faces will on that Day be radiant with happiness
80:39 Smiling, rejoicing at good tidings.
80:40 And some faces will on that Day be dust-stained;
80:41 Veiled in darkness:
80:42 Those are the unbelievers, shameless and dissolute.


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