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Dr. Kamal Omar

`Abasa (He Frowned)
as rendered by Dr. Kamal Omar
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Dr. Kamal Omar rendition of Surah He Frowned(`Abasa)
80:1 He frowned and turned away,
80:2 that there came unto him a blind person.
80:3 And what shall make you realise, perchance he might become pure (of sins),
80:4 or he might take heed and Az-Zikrah (‘The Reminder’) may benefit him?
80:5 Then whatever (may be the case), that who became disdainfully indifferent,
80:6 then you, in his interest, you wait?
80:7 And what (responsibility falls) on you that he is not becoming pure (of sins)?
80:8 And that whoever (may be the case) — one who has come: he strives earnestly,
80:9 and he becomes conscious of the position (of Allah),
80:10 then you regarding him: you show neglect.
80:11 By no means (We allow this behaviour)! Surely, it is Tazkirah (‘An Admonition’).
80:12 So whoever desired, he propagated it (to himself and to others).
80:13 (The Scripture is contained) in Suhuf (Surahs or Booklets) Mukarramah (held in honour),
80:14 exalted (in dignity), kept pure (from interpolation),
80:15 in the hands of scribes,
80:16 noble (and) virtuous.
80:17 The human has been condemned (because of) that which has made him a denier (of Allah’s Message).
80:18 From what material did He create him?
80:19 From Nutfah He created him; (and) then He set him in due proportion.
80:20 Afterwards, the Path — He made (it) easy unto him.
80:21 Then He caused him to die; then He placed him in (his) burial place.
80:22 Then, when He willed — He resurrected him.
80:23 Nay! Not yet he has completed what He commanded him.
80:24 Then let the human being look towards his food,
80:25 that We poured down water in a downpour.
80:26 Then We split the earth in clefts.
80:27 Then We caused to grow therein the grain,
80:28 and grapes, and clover-grass (as pasture),
80:29 and olives, and date-palms,
80:30 and gardens — dense in growth,
80:31 and fruits, and Abba (herbage or fodder),
80:32 (to be) a provision for you people and for your cattle.
80:33 And when the deafening sound (from the blowing Trumpet) stands delivered —
80:34 the Day a man flees from his brother,
80:35 and his mother, and his father,
80:36 and his wife, and his offsprings.
80:37 For each and every man of them that Day is a concern which makes him indifferent (to all, except himself).
80:38 (Some) faces this Day (would be) happily shining ones,
80:39 smiling ones, rejoicing ones while receiving the good news.
80:40 And (some) faces this Day — on them is stain of dust and smoke;
80:41 darkness of despair shall cover them.
80:42 Those people: they very ones are Al-Kafarah (the disbelievers), Al-Fajarah (the evil-doers).


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