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80:1  He frowned and turned awa
80:2  Because the blind man came unto him
80:3  What could inform thee but that he might grow (in grace
80:4  Or take heed and so the reminder might avail him
80:5  As for him who thinketh himself independent
80:6  Unto him thou payest regard
80:7  Yet it is not thy concern if he grow not (in grace)
80:8  But as for him who cometh unto thee with earnest purpos
80:9  And hath fear
80:10  From him thou art distracted
80:11  Nay, but verily it is an Admonishment
80:12  So let whosoever will pay heed to it
80:13  On honoured leave
80:14  Exalted, purified
80:15  (Set down) by scribe
80:16  Noble and righteous
80:17  Man is (self-)destroyed: how ungrateful
80:18  From what thing doth He create him
80:19  From a drop of seed. He createth him and proportioneth him
80:20  Then maketh the way easy for him
80:21  Then causeth him to die, and burieth him
80:22  Then, when He will, He bringeth him again to life
80:23  Nay, but (man) hath not done what He commanded him
80:24  Let man consider his food
80:25  How We pour water in shower
80:26  Then split the earth in cleft
80:27  And cause the grain to grow therei
80:28  And grapes and green fodde
80:29  And olive-trees and palm-tree
80:30  And garden-closes of thick foliag
80:31  And fruits and grasses
80:32  Provision for you and your cattle
80:33  But when the Shout comet
80:34  On the day when a man fleeth from his brothe
80:35  And his mother and his fathe
80:36  And his wife and his children
80:37  Every man that day will have concern enough to make him heedless (of others)
80:38  On that day faces will be bright as dawn
80:39  Laughing, rejoicing at good news
80:40  And other faces, on that day, with dust upon them
80:41  Veiled in darkness
80:42  Those are the disbelievers, the wicked