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80:1  He frowned and turned away
80:2  Because the blind man had come in his august presence
80:3  And what do you know, he may be of the pure
80:4  Or that he may accept advice, so the advice may benefit him
80:5  For him who does not care
80:6  So you are after him
80:7  And you have nothing to lose if he does not become pure
80:8  And for him who came to you striving
80:9  And whereas he fears
80:10  So you leave him, and are engrossed elsewhere
80:11  Not this way – this is the advice
80:12  So whoever wishes may remember it
80:13  On honourable pages
80:14  Exalted, pure
80:15  Written by the hands of emissaries
80:16  Who are noble, virtuous
80:17  May man be slain – how ungrateful he is
80:18  From what did He create him
80:19  From a drop of liquid; He created him and then set several measures for him
80:20  Then eased the way for him
80:21  Then gave him death, so had him put in the grave
80:22  Then, when He willed, He brought him out. (As during the night of Holy Prophet’s ascension, when all the Prophets gathered behind him in the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. Or when Allah will raise everyone on the Day of Resurrection.
80:23  Not one – he has not yet completed what he was commanded
80:24  So man must look at his food
80:25  That We watered it in abundance
80:26  Then We split the earth properly
80:27  Thereby produced grain in it
80:28  And grapes and fodder
80:29  And olives and date palms
80:30  And dense gardens
80:31  And fruits and grass
80:32  In order to benefit you and your cattle
80:33  So when the deafening Shout arrives
80:34  On that day man will run away from his brother
80:35  And from his mother and father
80:36  And from his wife and sons
80:37  On that day, each one has just one issue, which is enough for him
80:38  Many a face will be glittering on that day
80:39  Laughing, rejoicing
80:40  And many a face will be covered with dust on that day
80:41  Blackness overcoming them
80:42  It is they, the disbelievers, the sinners