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45:1  H. M
45:2  Descent of Al-Kitab (proceeds) from Allah, the All-Mighty, the All-Wise
45:3  Surely, in the heavens and the earth are indeed signs for the Believers
45:4  and (also) in your (own) creation; and whatever He scatters out of the living (moving) creatures (are) signs for a nation who develop Faith with certainty
45:5  And in the alternation of the night and the day, and what Allah sent down from towards the sky as provision — then He revived therewith the earth after its death, and in the swift movement of the winds — (there are) signs for a nation who use intellect
45:6  These are Ayaatullahe (‘Statements of Allah’) which We reproduce unto you in original. Then in which Hadees — after Allah and His Ayaat, the people will develop Faith
45:7  Woe to every liar, sinner
45:8  He hears Verses of Allah which are reproduced unto him; even then he insists (on man-written books) as a disobedient, arrogant person — as if he heard it not. So pronounce to him a painful torment
45:9  And when he came to know something of Our Verses, he took it as a jest. Those people, for them (is a) humiliating torment
45:10  On the other side of them is Hell. And does not benefit to them at all whatever they earned (as beliefs and practices in the life of the world); and nor whatever they picked up as auliya besides Allah; And for them is a great punishment
45:11  This (Al-Kitab) is Guidance. And those who have disbelieved in the Verses of their Nourisher-Sustainer — for them is punishment in the form of a painful abomination
45:12  Allah is He Who controlled and regulated for you the sea so that the ship may sail through it under His Command; and that you may seek of His Bounty, and that you may pay thanks
45:13  And He has controlled and regulated in your interest whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth — all of it together. Verily, in this are surely signs for a nation who think
45:14  Say to those who have Believed (that) they should forgive those who hope not for the Days of Allah — so that (Allah Himself) recompense a nation in accordance with what they used to earn
45:15  Whosoever performed righteous deeds — then (it is) in the interest of his own self; and whosoever did evil so (it is) against her (Nafs). Afterwards you will be made to return to your Nourisher-Sustainer
45:16  And surely indeed, We gave Al-Kitab to Bani Israiel and Al-Hukm (‘The Ordainment’), as well as Prophethood. [See Verse No. 6/89]. And We gave them provisions out of palatable and useful items, and preferred them over the worlds
45:17  And We delivered them Bayyinat (‘Manifestly Evident Items’) proceeding from the Decree. And they developed not differences of opinion but after that which came to them (as) Al-Ilm (‘The Knowledge’.) — as internal rebellion being bred amongst them (against their self-created, self-imposed sectarian divisions). Surely, your Nourisher-Sustainer will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection in that wherein they used to differ
45:18  Then (it is) We (Who) have set you on sharia (the specified form of the Religion as explained in Al-Kitab) proceeding from the Decree. So follow you that and do not follow the vain desires of those who do not know (the Contents of the Divine Scripture)
45:19  Verily, they will never avail you anything against Allah. And surely the transgressors — some of them are auliya to some (others). And Allah is the Wali of the righteous
45:20  This (Scripture is) Basair-o-linnas (‘Eye-Sights for mankind’.), and Hudah (‘Guidance’), and Rahmah (‘Mercy’) for a nation who have certainty in Faith
45:21  Have they, who have persisted in evil deeds, assessed that We will regard them equal to those who have accepted Faith and performed righteous deeds — (during) their life-span (in this world) and (at the time of) their death? (It is evident) injustice what they pronounce as (My) judgement
45:22  And Allah has created the heavens and the earth with purpose — so that each Nafs (personality or soul) is recompensed in accordance with what she earned, and they will not be put to injustice
45:23  Have you then seen who has adopted his vain desire as his ilah (god or deity); and Allah made him go astray based on knowledge (He had)? And He put a seal (of closure) over his hearing and his heart, and placed a covering on his eye-sight. Who then will guide him after Allah? Will you not then remind (yourself and remind others)
45:24  And people said, “This (state of our existence is) nothing except the life-span in this world. We die or we live. And nothing kills us except ad-Dahr (the passing time).” And (there is) not for them, regarding this, (any thing) of the knowledge. They (are) not (saying sense) except (that) they conjecture
45:25  And when are produced unto them Ayaatuna Bayyinatin (‘Our Manifestly Clear Verses’) — their argument is not except that they said: “Approach (us) with our (dead) fore-fathers, if you are those who speak the truth.”
45:26  Say: “Allah gives you life, afterwards He will cause you death, afterwards He will assemble you towards the Day of Resurrection — there is no doubt or suspicion regarding it.” But the majority of mankind do not know
45:27  And to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. And the Day the Hour establishes (itself) — this Day, those who indulge in falsehood, shall lose (every thing)
45:28  And you will watch every community kneeling (on their knees). Every community will be called to its record. This Day you will be recompensed what you used to do
45:29  This record (produced by the two record-keepers set on every individual) by Us, speaks about you with truth. We had been tahead of state into record whatever you used to do
45:30  So regarding those who have Believed and performed righteous deeds — so their Nourisher-Sustainer shall admit them in His Mercy. (Then) that, that is the evident achievement
45:31  And as for those who disbelieved (it will be said to them): “Were not then Ayaati (Our Verses) recited unto you? So you people behaved in arrogance; and you had been a nation of transgressors .
45:32  And when it is declared (that) surely the Promise made by Allah is Truth; and the Hour: there is no doubt in it — you said: “We do not perceive what is (meant by) the Hour. We don’t regard (it) except as a conjecture, and we are not those who develop faith (or belief in such a concept) “ ;
45:33  And the evils of what they did became evident unto them. And whatever they were mahead of state a mockery thereat encircled them (as a disgraceful punishment)
45:34  And it was said (to them): “This Day We forget you as you forgot the meeting about this Day of yours. And your abode is the Fire. And (there is) not for you out of the helpers
45:35  This (faces) you because you picked up the Verses of Allah as a jest and mockery; and the worldly life deceived (and bewitched) you.” So this Day they shall not be taken out from that (Hell-Fire) and nor they shall be provided a chance for bringing an excuse
45:36  So Selective Praise suits Allah (Alone) — Nourisher-Sustainer to the heavens, and Nourisher-Sustainer to the earth, Nourisher-Sustainer of the worlds
45:37  And all the majesties in the heavens and the earth are restricted to Him; and He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise