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52:1  By the Toor.
52:2  And by a book well inscribed.
52:3  In a writing well detailed.
52:4  And by the house well frequented.
52:5  And by the roof most uplifted.
52:6  And by the ocean most inflamed.
52:7  Truly the punishment of your Lord will surely come to pass.
52:8  There is nothing that is going to push it away.
52:9  On the day when the heaven will gyrate a complete gyrating.
52:10  And the mountains will move a complete movement.
52:11  Then woe on that day on those who belie.
52:12  Those who are wandering idly in the darkness and playing in the day.
52:13  That day they will be pushed towards the fire of hell with a complete pushing.
52:14  This is the fire that you used to belie.
52:15  Is this then magic or is it that you cannot see.
52:16  [Enter and] burn therein. If you bear with patience or you bear not, is all the same for you. You are only rewarded for that which you used to do.
52:17  And for those who revered Allah, they will be in gardens and in bliss.
52:18  Rejoicing over that which their Lord has given unto them and their Lord saved them from the punishment of hellfire.
52:19  “So eat and drink with relish for that which you used to do.”
52:20  Reclining on couches well arrayed and We wed them to ladies of paradise with beautiful eyes.
52:21  And for those who believed and their descendants followed them with belief, We caused their descendants to be joined to them and We did not cheat them of anything from their deeds. Every person is bounded by that which he earned.
52:22  And We supplied them with fruits and meat from all that they desire.
52:23  They were exchanging therein a cup. There is no foul word therein nor a sinful word.
52:24  And young boys for them will wait upon them and they look as though they are a pearl well preserved.
52:25  And some of them turned to the others enquiring.
52:26  They said, “Before we used to be in our families full of concern.”
52:27  So Allah has visited His grace upon us and He has saved us from the punishment of the fire of pure substance.
52:28  Truly aforetime, we used to call upon Him. Truly He is The All pure, The Most Merciful.
52:29  Therefore remind, for you are not by the grace of your Lord a soothsayer or a madman.
52:30  Or is it that they say, “[He is] a poet.” We are waiting to see what vicissitudes of time have in store for him.
52:31  Say, “Wait you, and I indeed am of those who will be waiting with you.”
52:32  Is it that their minds compel them unto this or is it that they are a people who are transgressors.
52:33  Or is it that they are saying, “He fabricated it.” Nay! They do not believe.
52:34  Let them then bring forth a discourse like unto it if they are truthful.
52:35  Or is it that they were created out of nothing? Or is it that they are the creators?
52:36  Or is it that they created the heavens and the earth? Nay! They have no certitude.
52:37  Or is it that the treasures of your Lord are with them? Or is it that they are the ones in control?
52:38  Or is that they have a ladder wherein they [climb to] listen? Let then their listener come forth with an authority most evident.
52:39  Or is it that the daughters are for Him while for you are the sons?
52:40  Or is it that you ask them for a fee so that they are overburdened with debt?
52:41  Or is it that the unseen is with them so that they write?
52:42  Or is it that they are seeking to plot? But those who disbelieve, it is they who are plotted against.
52:43  Or is it that they have a deity other than Allah? Glorified be Allah above all that they ascribe as partners to Him.
52:44  And if they were to see a piece falling from the sky, they would say, “[It is] a heaped up cloud.”
52:45  So leave them alone until they meet their day wherein they will be stricken with terror.
52:46  A day when their plots will be of no avail to them in aught nor will they be helped.
52:47  And truly for those who wrong their own souls, there is a punishment less than that but most of them do not know.
52:48  And therefore be patient for the decision of your Lord. Truly you are in Our eyes and glorify the praises of your Lord when you rise.
52:49  And in the night do glorify Him and at the time of receding [prostration] of the stars.