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85:1  And/by the sky/space that of the constellations
85:2  And/by the Day the Promised/Resurrection Day
85:3  And/by a witness/testifier and a witnessed (against)
85:4  The geological rift's-fault line's owners/company/friends were killed
85:5  The fire , that of the fuel
85:6  When they are on it sitting/remaining
85:7  And they are on what they are making/doing with (to) the believers witnessing/testifying
85:8  And they did not revenge/punish from them except (because) that (E) they believe with (in) God, the glorious/mighty , the praiseworthy/commendable
85:9  Who for Him (is) the skies'/space's and the earth's/Planet Earth's ownership/kingdom , and God (is) on every thing witnessing
85:10  That truly those who tortured/betrayed/allured the believers (M) and the believers (F), then they did not repent, so for them (is) Hell's torture, and for them (is) the burning's torture
85:11  That truly those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds, for them (are) treed gardens/paradises the rivers/waterways flow from below it, that is the winning/success , the great
85:12  That truly your Lord's violent attack/destruction (is) strong (E) (severe)
85:13  That He truly creates/initiates , and returns/repeats
85:14  And He is the forgiving, the loving/affectionate
85:15  (Owner) of the throne , the most glorious/exacted
85:16  Maker/doer to what He wills/wants/intends
85:17  Did the soldiers'/warriors' information/news come to you
85:18  Pharaoh and Thamud
85:19  But those who disbelieved (are) in lying/denial/falsification
85:20  And God is from behind them surrounding/comprehending
85:21  But it is a glorious/exalted Koran
85:22  In a protected/guarded tablet/shee