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86:1  And/by the sky/space, and/by the Night Comer/star (Morning Star)
86:2  And what made you know/informed you what the Night Comer/star (Morning Star is)
86:3  The star/planet, the lit/penetrating
86:4  That truly every/each self (is) except on it a protector/safe keeper
86:5  So the human/mankind should look/see from what he was created
86:6  He was created from water pouring/flowing forcefully
86:7  It emerges/appears from between the spine and the rib bones
86:8  That He truly (is) on returning him capable/able (E)
86:9  A day/time the secrets/intentions be tested
86:10  So (there is) no strength/power, and nor victorior/savior for him
86:11  And the sky/space that of the rain after rain/benefit
86:12  And the earth/Planet Earth that of the split/separation/geological rift-fault line
86:13  That it truly is a word/statement (of) judgment/partition (decisive)
86:14  And it is not with (of) the joke/fun
86:15  That they truly plot/conspire a plot/conspiracy
86:16  And I plot/conspire a plot/conspiracy
86:17  So delay/give time (to) the disbelievers, delay them/give them time slowly/gently