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72:1  Say: “It has been revealed to me that it (is so) — Nafar (a group of three to ten in number) of jinns has listened (to the Word of Allah) then said: ‘Surely we, we have listened Quranan Ajaban (‘a Wonderful Reading’)
72:2  It guides to the Right Path, so we have Believed therein; and we shall never associate as partner with our Nourisher-Sustainer any one
72:3  And that He: becomes exalted and high the Majesty of our Nourisher-Sustainer. He has not taken a wife and nor a son
72:4  And that the foolish among us used to utter against Allah extravagant lies
72:5  And verily we, we thought that a human being and a jinn would never utter a lie against Allah
72:6  And that it (is so): the men out of mankind used to take shelter with the Rijal (male adults) among jinns, so they increased them in arrogance
72:7  And that they: (the misled humans) they thought as you (Jinns) thought that Allah will never raise any one (as a Messenger cum Prophet)
72:8  And that we, indeed we touched the heaven, so we found it heavily filled up with stringent military guards and firing, shooting missiles
72:9  And that we used to sit on some of its seats for tapping the information; but any one who listens in the current circumstances, he will find for him a firing and shooting missile waiting in ambush
72:10  And that we: we do not assess whether evil is intended for those on earth, or their Nourisher-Sustainer has intended unto them something highly desirable
72:11  And that we: out of us (some are) righteous, and out of us (some are) contrary to that; we have become sects or tracks different and conflicting (in views)
72:12  And that we: we have (now) realised that we would never frustrate Allah (in His plan) concerning the earth; and we would never frustrate Him through flight (from His Dominion)
72:13  And that we: when we listened to Al-Hudah (‘The Guidance’), we developed Faith therein. And whosoever Believes in his Nourisher-Sustainer, then he fears not of any decrease (in reward), and nor arrogance (regarding punishment)
72:14  And that we: out of us (some are) Muslims, and out of us are Al-Qasitun (unjust people, who disobey the Desired Path). So whosoever embraced Islam, then those people have selected,out of their free will something highly desireable. ”
72:15  And as for Al-Qasitun: so they became firewood (or fuel) for Hell
72:16  And that if they had stood constantly on the (Desired) Path, indeed We would have given them to drink water in abundance —
72:17  so that We may test and assess them therein. And whoever disengages (himself) from Zikr of his Nourisher-Sustainer, He will make him slide in to a rising punishment
72:18  And that the Mosques are dedicated to Allah (alone). So don’t invoke alongwith Allah any one
72:19  And that it (i.e., the situation is like this): when Abdullah (a human subject of Allah) stood — he invokes Him (Alone, in Prayer), they (who do not accept the absolute Oneness of Allah) almost became (as if) they are becoming unto him an overpowering crowd
72:20  Tell (them): “Certainly what (is true is that) I do invoke my Nourisher-Sustainer, and I do not associate in partnership to Him any one.”
72:21  Tell (them): “Surely I, I do not own (any) harm regarding you, and nor something very desirable.”
72:22  Tell (them): “Certainly I: will never protect me against Allah, any one; and I will never find besides Him a place of refuge —
72:23  except propagation (coming) from Allah and His Messages. And whosoever will disobey Allah and His Messenger, then surely, for him is the Fire of Hell. (They would be) abiders therein forever.”
72:24  Until when they have seen what they are being promised, then soon they will understand who is a weaker helper and lesser number-wise
72:25  Tell (them): “I know not whether it is very near what you are promised, or my Nourisher-Sustainer sets for it a distant term.”
72:26  (He alone is) the All-Knower of al-ghaib (the unseen). So He does not make informed about His ghaib any one —
72:27  except whom He agreed out of a Messenger. Then surely He drives and moves in between his two hands (i.e., forward, in front of him) and on his back (invisible angel-escorts) as body- guards
72:28  so that He may know that they have indeed propagated Risalaat (‘Messages’.) of their Nourisher-Sustainer. And He kept in surveillance whatever (remained) with them, and He counted each and every thing number-wise